August’s Blue Moon Magic

First I just have to say that I had so much fun creating this blue moon dream board, and I love it!

The moon  – she has been quite elusive this month where I live. We’ve had our share of cloudy skies, although not much rain to go with them. Still, I can feel her presence. Most nights the clouds shine around the edges, and the moon makes an appearance at some point. It was no different as I worked on my dream board last night…and I did see her in all her glory when I woke at about 2am this morning.

A few nights ago I dragged some magazines out of my foot rest box, and grabbed a few new ones from T’s recent Outdoor Retailer Show.  There was also a Sunday New York Times style magazine and the fall T9 catalog.

When I looked at the images I had pulled as I began to work on my dream board, things just started to come together. I chose the large image on the right, with the doors, as a base. I love the depth, colors and possibilities in this image. I thought it might be the size of my board, but as you can see that expanded.

I always seem to find bicycle images that call to be included, and this month is no exception. If you know me at all, you know I pedal everywhere! I am present and in my own world, all at the same time, on my bicycles. (I have three that I ride regularly:)

I think the hammock and the paddle boarder came next. We’re going to Mexico for a beach vacation in November, and I think I’m getting excited already. I really want to try stand-up paddle boarding (which is all the rage on the Arkansas River, where I live).

In September I begin a creative journey with seven other women – in Jamie Ridler’s Circe’s Circle. The images of the women, along with the quotes, reflect this. It will be a journey of  exploration, discovery and self trust. I believe I will climb higher than I’ve been before, along the way (and I’ve been over Thorong La pass which is 5,416 metres/17,769 ft).

It was a much-needed and enchanting evening of creating. I believe my dreams are going to manifest in ways I have not yet imagined. Even if the blue moon is being elusive, she is brewing up magic.

What is this magical moon brewing for you? Click here to see what other full moon dreamers are discovering!



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7 responses to “August’s Blue Moon Magic

  1. This board gives me a new definition of balance, like it’s rooted in both depths of rest and ease combined with heights and achievement. I just love that Circe’s Circle has made an appearance on your board – may it be a major contributor in your dreams coming true!

  2. Beautiful board. Love seeing doors. May all your dreams come true.

  3. There is such a magical and vivacious energy to your board! May all of your dreams come true!

  4. Your dreams are showing through beautifully on your board. May all your dreams come true.

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL!! I love vision boards.

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