These Moments…

One of nature’s heart carvings

Sometimes I don’t realize that tension and anxiety has built up in me. I feel like I have everything under control, and if I can just get A B & C done, I will feel better – ready for my overnight getaway. As the time to slip away gets closer, I feel too busy, think maybe I should cancel – even if it is my birthday. My husband takes care of the final details, and I reluctantly gather my things and get in the van. As we begin driving I force myself to look around – to take in the scenery and focus on the journey. When we reach camp I begin to relax. We take a bike ride and begin to make dinner, enjoying the fresh air.

Dinner in the works!

Enjoying my birthday dinner!

That evening after a lovely meal we hang out under the stars by a campfire. My tension melts away, and I know I am glad that we came. The next day we have a relaxing breakfast, and I take some time to play in my journal.

As we are hiking a bit later on, I am in wonder at where we are. I have been here before, and yet the plants & flowers and rocks & canyons never cease to amaze me.

I love to play with the shadows the sunshine creates.

In this moment I smile and believe that I am enough; that anything is possible. I know life will always pull me back into the crazy, the overwhelming, the discouraging, the not enough (in fact this is a few weeks later and life has already done so), so I cherish these moments.

These are memories to bring back when life is bringing me down, when things aren’t going as I imagine they should. I visualize these moments and remember they are possible. I remember to take just a moment to create one now,  in my backyard, in this moment. These moments are life, too, the most important part!

What are your most important moments?



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2 responses to “These Moments…

  1. Making the words I’mPossible my personal mantra! I am soooo sorry I missed sending you special birthday wishes. Your journey is a joy to behold Lisa. You inspire and empower with your adventures, art,and wise words. You ROCK!! happiness & bright blessings…and much love and of course big bleated b’day vugs!

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