Colors of Fall

A few weekends ago my hubby and I took a meander through the woods to experience autumn in all her golden glory.  OK it was a 5.5 mile hike from about 9,000 feet to about 12,000 feet carrying backpacks, but every step held beauty, awe and tingles from the fresh, crisp air.

The path led to home for the night at 12,000 feet.

After the ‘foam pellet’ squall that welcomed us just after we got the tent up…

(which is much preferred to rain, I promise) I had the opportunity to create a baby snowman…

…and watch day fade over Cherry Lake

…and warm up with the coals of our campfire (fires don’t generally rage at 12,000 feet – not enough oxygen)

We got chased into our tent as day was ending (around 7:30p). Thunder rumbled and more precipitation fell from the sky. I was only disappointed that I missed seeing the Full Corn Moon rise over the eastern ridge of the rock cirque around Cherry Lake. I did find her full and bright, though, when I stumbled out of the tent at 2 am to pee. Her beauty, and the brightness of that alpine cirque, will ever be in my mind’s eye.

The next morning dawned clear & crisp.

Can you see the ice frozen to the tent, the frost on the plants?

The day warmed slowly as we wandered about, drank hot tea and ate muffins.

On the hike back down valley, I found a peak hole to more colors.

…and the wind from the night before made a beautiful rug of leaves in the creek.

I love being immersed in the colors of nature, no matter the season.
I love how she shares her ebbs and flows – of the season, of the day, of the moment.

She is wild and beautiful, and her moments are ephemeral. Being in touch with her helps me to more fully understand (and embrace) the rhythms of life.

I’d love to hear how nature’s ebbs and flows affect your world.



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4 responses to “Colors of Fall

  1. Snow in Fall what a delight. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and adventure! Big vugs 😉

  2. Such beautiful scenery! Awesome outdoors adventure.

  3. Great photos. I’m so eager to show Fernando the mountains of Colorado. I know he is eager to discover paragliding out there.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I love your photos and your story. It almost feels as though I am there with you, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Your love for it shines through your writing.
    I will be back for more.

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