Greeting the Day

Mount Ouray just before sunrise

Laying in bed I watch the dark of night turn to grey as the light of day seeps in. I contemplate getting up to greet the day. I know what is waiting for me, and although I am cozy under my blankets my soul yearns to be there when the light hits the peaks. I flip back the covers and throw on some clothes – I want to be where I can watch, unobstructed, the peaks light up. It is not far, but it does require a bit of hiking to get to this spot.

Mt Shavano before the sun reaches her

I reach the railroad tracks  on my bicycle and Mt Shavano is still without light. I greet her and then hurry up the trail on foot to where I can watch Mt Ouray. This peak has become my papa and I can feel his strong arms embracing me, even as I hike. Once I reach my spot, a few hundred yards up the trail I wander back and forth to keep warm – waiting for the sun. I listen to the sounds of town waking up below, the birds chirping around me and my breath.

First light turns the peaks pink.

I watch as the light moves down the peaks – feeling grateful that I stumbled out of bed to greet the day; that the earth performs such a beautiful show for me. I breath deeply of the cool morning air.

Mt Ouray on the left; Mt Chipeta on the right

Before the sun rises above the ridge behind me the peaks begin to turn golden. I hear the trash trucks below and the hum of town beginning its day. I breath in and breath out again and again, and feel grateful for the beauty of where I live. I am ready to start my day.

The light on the peaks is always spectacular, but at this time of year and as they begin to be dusted with snow it is especially spectacular. I love, too, when I don’t have to stumble out of bed too early to see this show and greet the day.

Do you have a special way you love to greet your day?

Waking up out on the trail


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