It’s more than just Creative Living

Listening to Creative Living on a beautiful winter morning

Listening to Creative Living is one of my favorite parts of the week, and I can’t separate Creative Living from the woman behind it – and her beautiful and creative community at Jamie Ridler Studios.

I’m not sure how I was first introduced to Jamie, and one of my first memories around Jamie Ridler Studios is the first newsletter I received in my inbox. The main article was called Stage Your Own Age Rebellion – something this woman on the brink of 50 had on her mind. I sent Jamie a note about how the article affected me, and her reply was so thoughtful & inspiring that I looked forward to more of what she offered through Jamie Ridler Studios.

This was in April of 2010. (I am sure I started listening to Creative Living around that time, too). Finding Jamie was an early dip, for me, into the community open to me online, and I have not looked back since.

Dream Board created for this past August’s Blue Moon

Creative Living

Listening to the many creatives Jamie has interviewed in these past few years, as well as the insight and inspiration Jamie provides on each episode, broke my creative world open. Before I thought you had to be, I don’t know — perfect — to claim your creative power.

Jamie’s loving spirit and the words of all these ‘real people’ creatives she interviews has changed this. As I have listened to each spirited and talented creative speak her truth about her creative journey – the joy and fun, along with the chaos and messiness – I realized I too was living a creative life and I just needed to claim it.

I love how Jamie shares these parts of her creative life, too, and challenges me with a new perspective, and how I might play bigger.

Specific Creative Living moments?

Currently I am pondering on recent guest Hannah Marcotti’s concept of shedding.

I also just bought Mati Rose’s Daring Adventures in Paint! I’m looking forward to getting messy with paints.

A now favorite quote spilled from Julie Daley as she was chatting with Jamie just about a year ago.

“I am this woman who is here creating – following those threads of what wants to come into being.”

This inspired  a connection with Julie, along with an art piece you can see more about herehere and here.

[day 4 art]

Yes – isn’t that what living a creative life is all about? I think so!

I’m not usually very good at storing specifics this way – I prefer to let each episode wash over me, incorporating what really resonates with me into my life as best as I can – and I guess I do take notes some times, and I do go back and re-listen to those episodes that have an especially strong impact on me.

Creative Living is one of the strong threads in a beautiful web that makes up Jamie Ridler Studios; it would not be what it is without its lovely creator, Jamie herself,  and all the other parts of her community. Over the past few years I have also been impacted by Full Moon Dream Boards; Soul Reflections; Wishcasting Wednesday; Practice check-ins; the Hands Up How to project; and more. Most recently being part of Jamie’s Circe’s Circle coaching group is rocking my world. And I totally enjoyed sharing an hour with creatives from all over the world during Creativity Coffee the other week.

Thank you Jamie – for being you and for creating Jamie Ridler Studios. I am honored to be part of your community. I thrive on its inspiration. I love the belonging I have found, and have grown to sooo appreciate. xox

I hope this post inspires you to check out Jamie Ridler Studios and all she has to offer. I bet she’ll inspire your creative life, too! Enjoy the journey!

P.S. Although I don’t need an excuse to gush about Jamie Ridler Studios, this post was inspired by Jamie’s Be My Guest Contest! Who knows, maybe someday she’ll be talking to me:)


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