Savoring Slow in Cabo Pulmo

shadow play & writing in the sand

toes squishing in the sand

the beautiful azur Sea of Cortez

coconut palm from the patio

home sweet Cabo Pulmo home

Frida pillows and all…

night lily as day begins…

cactus in our courtyard

patio visitor

waking up & stumbling to the sea


me ‘n T exploring & enJOYing…

T body surfing

exploring the beach

hiking in the hills

ceviche – yum!


more exploring & enJOYing…


…soaking up the sun, sand & sea…swimming with thousands of fish below the surface…the crew at cabo pulmo beach resort (Elsa, Tessa, Matthias, Juan Pablo, Meme)……exploring along the beach…dipping in the sea…kayaking to visit the sea lions and la serenita (little mermaid) beach…Colorado connections……soaking up the sun, sand & sea…dipping in the sea…playing in my journal…reading…eating FRESH fish & shrimp…soaking up the sun, sand & sea

…savoring slow

I have been to Cabo Pulmo before. It has been many years, and it has been some years since I’ve taken a trip that was really just about slowing down. It felt really rejuvenating…more than I expected.

I highly recommend it– even if it’s not a Mexico getaway, take some time to slow down, and savor. Find a space, a speed that feel rejuvenating to you. I’d love to hear how you savor slow.



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2 responses to “Savoring Slow in Cabo Pulmo

  1. So great to share your trip through this post, Lisa! Looks like you had a marvellously fishy time.

    It has been a while since I was able to escape for some slow vacation time like this. In the meantime, I’m trying to take each day slowly. Some are definitely a lot faster than I’d like!

  2. sheri Johnson-Horsley

    Wonderful post Lisa. Thanks for sharing. I would LOVE an exotic beach trip where no cooking, cleaning, or wiping bums (haha) is required. However, this too shall happen….all in good time. IN the meantime, what I do to slow down is a Sunday morning Yoga class or a hike up one of our fabulous Salidian trails! xox

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