Waiting patiently…

Salida – the first of November 2009

In our valley, in Colorado — we are all waiting patiently (at least trying) — for the snow. While this 2009 storm may have been a little unusual, especially for our valley, the persistent dry conditions are…well…feel a bit maddening.

While those recovering from Super Storm Sandy are swearing off moisture, we are waiting patiently (or at least trying).

Same, same but different?
The super storm affected things back east, and our drought is affecting things here. The snow sports industry depends on the snow. The rafting industry depends on the moisture to fill our rivers. The agriculture industry depends on the moisture to provide water for their crops. Oh, yes, and we all depend on the moisture for the water we drink, bathe in and water our gardens with.

I believe everything is part of nature — including all that humans have created. I don’t doubt that we (humans) are partly the cause of this wacky weather in the world (aka: Climate Change). And I also believe it to be part of the larger plan that our Great Mother Earth has in mind for us.

Looking across the valley at Mt Ouray, November 2012

And I gotta believe that Papa Ouray is conferring with Mother Nature to decide the best time to begin the snow – to make it a beautiful winter.

In the meantime, I’ll be grateful for, and enjoy the sunshine!

Enjoying the day…Thanksgiving weekend 2012

I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for as we close out this month of Thanksgiving.

P.S. I’m rounding the corner to my 3rd blog-aversary. To celebrate the occasion I’m going to have a sparkling little giveaway on December 9! I hope you’ll stop by and visit.


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One response to “Waiting patiently…

  1. laurabeachleva

    Hello! I can so relate to the hope and waiting for snow…once it starts to get cold- really cold and where it is possible that any precipitation could mean snow, then I anticipate it’s arrival like a child on Christmas. Your beautiful writing conveys the deep connection you have to the nature around you. May you receive your wish and dreams of a white winter!

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