Contemplating Clarity

On Jamie Ridler‘s new moon prompt earlier this month she asked the questions were: “What is clear about your dreams? What further clarity do you seek?” And I’ve been consciously contemplating clarity ever since.

Being part of a beautiful circle of women, in Circe’s Circle, this fall has provided so much clarity for my dreams. Feeling supported; being heard; learning to be vulnerable & trust; showing-up; and having the opportunity to give in this way in return, has set me firmly on the path towards my dreams!

I am refocusing my business in a direction I feel really passionate about, and I am beginning to find my voice here—as the mountain mermaid!

One thing I seek further clarity on is using my time most effectively to reach my dreams. This has always been a stuck[ing] point for me – my great excuse for not reaching my full magnificent self! I have been thinking about this a lot – how can I use this time I have wisely, and really begin to see my dreams grow from the seedlings they are?

Recently I have been creating found inspirations – thank you Julie Gibbons for your great ebook inspiration on this – and the image above is the message that presented itself to me yesterday morning. I did not have the chance to glue this gem in place until the evening as I began working on my dreamboard, so it morphed a little bit (not the least of which is the cool clock I found in the L.L. Bean catalog that arrived in the mail yesterday – appropriately called the moonbeam clock).

My dream board this month is a two page spread in my journal. Not surprisingly the moonbeam clock showed up here, too! It is balanced upon the beautiful luggage – containers for my dreams I believe. The woman on the right is happily balancing herself on a fence. I find it interesting that the left page seems to be talking about balance –I think this is related to the time think I’m seeking clarity on, and the right page moves into talking about place. I love feeling a sense of place – feeling grounded and happy where I am. I do so love where I live, and as I move forward with my dreams I want to include more travel and working from other places.

I added the japanese writing as texture and filler. I do love lettering and doodling, and I’m very curious why delicate marks called to be sprinkled throughout my board.

I’d love to hear what parts of your dreams are clear, and where you are still seeking clarity. You can also share your board with a community of beautiful dreamers over at Jamie Ridler Studios!

Wherever your are, stay warm under the Full Frost Moon!

lisa (aka the mountain mermaid:)

P.S. I’m rounding the corner to my 3rd blog-aversary. To celebrate the occasion I’m going to have a sparkling little giveaway on December 9! I hope you’ll stop by and visit.



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6 responses to “Contemplating Clarity

  1. It is great the way the clock showed up. May all your dreams come true.

  2. Looks like lots of fun and adventure in your dreamboard! I’m a little stumped by clarity this month too, but my cards keep saying new beginnings so I’m just going to keep the windows clean (and clear) and see what comes!

    Pre-gratz on your upcoming blog-o-versary!

  3. I get the sense of traveling from this board. I hope your dreams become a reality.

  4. Lisa, I loved reading about your journey and growing clarity. And your board is FUN! There’s a lightness of spirit here that is captivating. I’m so glad to be on this journey with you.

    May all of your dreams come true!

  5. Cyndi Hart

    Just found you via Jamie Ridler’s blogs ~ love her too! Realized that I am just down the road from you. . . . . .Pueblo West. Stay warm and Merry Christmas to you and Mr. DY!!

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