At Arms Length

Don't we look happy?

Don’t we look happy?

Tim’s nice long arms can create a great frame! We’ve been having fun taking pictures like this, which we affectionately call ‘At Arm’s Length’, for years. They don’t all come out this good, but I love this picture of us out on a quick little jaunt before we put the turkey on, on Thanksgiving. Don’t we look happy? (Mt Ouray and Chipeta in the background)


Some of my self-portaits are ‘At Arms Length’, too. Because my arm isn’t quite as long as Tim’s, I think the ones where I put myself in profile turn out the best. I took this one on Thanksgiving, too, when I snuck out while Tim was babysitting the turkey.

It’s fun & easy to play with a point & shoot when you’re outside! Give it a try – acknowledge yourself by taking a picture of you!

lisa (aka the mountain mermaid:)

P.S. If you haven’t heard, next Sunday I’m celebrating three years of blogging! I hope you’ll stop by and check out the sparkling giveaway I’ll be having!


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