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A few days ago I had the opportunity to take an afternoon poetry workshop. The workshop sprouted, quite spontaneously, after Buffy’s poetry reading at the Book Haven, our local bookstore, the week before.

Buffy Noble is a Brit, and currently the Terraphilia artist in residence in Salida. She’s spent a month writing and writing and was generous enough to perform for an enthusiastic crowd at the Book Haven. She is a beautiful creative spirit and an entertaining storyteller – both with her poems and in the in-between.

Buffy is my neighbor while in Salida, and I love to listen to and watch poetry performed, so I knew I did not want to miss her performance. As for the workshop, although I am not really a poetry writer, I love words and so I was excited to be included in the intimate group that formed for Buffy’s spontaneous little workshop.

The workshop really was about playing with words. The pile of words you see above are words we each wrote, off the top of our heads, that became prompts for our free writing. We didn’t get to use the word we wrote, but passed it along to another and, another time, got to chose a few from that pile in the center of the table.

For that exercise I chose the words indigo and stair. It feels a little vulnerable to share – I am not a practiced poet, and these words are typed, unedited, from my journal. I can see me in these words, and the sheer joy of creating this silly piece allows me to share it with you.


Indigo blue has become one of my favorite colored pencils.
I use it to create the night sky
The night sky punctuated by stars & sometimes the moon
I love to watch the cycles of the moon.
Sometimes the indigo sky is only full of starts
And when the new moon returns, a liver, a smile, in the early evening sky – not quite indigo

And when she becomes full, I look at her face in the dark indigo sky

I take the stairs to the indigo sky and wave at the moon, pluck a shining star from the sky, raise my arms to the universe and thank her for her beauty.

Back at my journal the indigo pencil outlines the sliver moon & shining stars, implanting my memory of my journey to the night sky on the stairs that go on forever.

My indigo pencil moving smoothly across the page to create the dark beauty of the night sky.

I miss most of this indigo sky as I dream in my sleep
Dream of what, you ask
I often don’t remember
And sometimes I wake, and toss & turn
And then remember to turn my sleepy gaze towards the window and the indigo sky

Venus has been visiting before dawn lately
Her brightness a beacon in the eastern sky
Her presence lets me know that day is not far away, that soon the indigo sky will brighten and perhaps the clouds will offer a colorful show to begin the day

I wish to sleep some more, but I want to rise and watch the day begin.
To get up and look to the east, and then to the west
To watch the light begin to seep into the indigo
To watch the mountains to the west turn pink before the sun rises.

I hope you have enjoyed my musings! Perhaps they will provide some inspiration to pick a word and just write! I know I would like to play with words in this way again – soon. It’s fun, and I was surprisingly pleased with the results. I’d love to hear what you find if you try this out! Most importantly, have fun!

lisa (aka the mountain mermaid:)

P.S. Another reminder… I’m celebrating three years of blogging this Sunday 12/9! I hope you’ll stop by and check out the sparkling giveaway I have planned!



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4 responses to “Word Play

  1. Lisa! I love this…indigo, one of my favourite colours. And, your description of climbing the stairs to pluck a star out of the sky..so vivid and magical. I loved it!

  2. Lisa! I love it. Indigo is one of my favourite colours, and your description of climbing the stairs into the indigo sky to pluck a shining star – so vivid and magical. Wonderful!

  3. Your creative expression is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Our mutual friend Laura A shared your post …

  4. Buffy Noble

    I loved this the first time I heard it.. and I still love it. x x x

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