Finding My Voice & A Sparkling Giveaway

My Early Afternoon Shadow, December 2012

My Early Afternoon Shadow, December 2012

Hello and thanks for stopping by on this, my third blog-aversary.

My mountain mermaid story began one day when I was out hiking along the trails in my backyard (just like in the pic above). I affectionately call the trails around Salida ‘my backyard’. I was innocently meandering along when a voice inside me piped up and said,

“You’re the mountain mermaid.”

“Huh,” I thought.

As I continued my wander and mused about this, it felt just right for me. I decided right then, that, yes—I was the mountain mermaid. Or one of many…I know there are others of you out there who can call themselves a mountain mermaid. By the way, I get most of my wild ideas out on the trails — well I guess that is why I’m the mountain mermaid…

…a mountain girl and creative spirit who loves the water. I love to explore, and when I’m out and about in my back yard (and also further afield) it feels like I’m swimming along. Some of the trails are even old river beds, ancient seas. I’m a powder hound, too – skiing through fresh, light snow (known as powder in my neck of the woods) is a favorite winter play time! And I live by the Arkansas River – I must visit and listen to her each day. In the summer when the flow subsides I love to swim in it, too. The mountain part – I’m surrounded by mountains, and really have been during the many years I have called Colorado home.

Mt Ouray & Chipeta, shrouded in December clouds

Mt Ouray & Chipeta, shrouded in December clouds

This fateful hike took place about 3 1/2 years ago, and it was three years ago today that I found the courage to begin sharing my journey as the mountain mermaid. During these three years my commitment to sharing has ebbed & flowed like the river. Along the journey I continue to find my voice as the mountain mermaid, and hope that I provide inspiration to other mountain mermaids along the way.

Today, I feel more excited than ever to continue sharing my creative living journey as the mountain mermaid (although not without some fear), and you can expect regular weekly posts and a few fun giveaways (for everyone) in the new year.


One of the inspirations on my creative living adventure is Jamie Ridler of Jamie Ridler Studios. Jamie is a shining star in the world for creative spirits everywhere. And to help me celebrate my 3rd blog-aversary she has generously gifted me with one Sparkles—her 31 day creative e-course, to awaken your creative spirit in 5 minutes or less per day—to give away to one lucky creative spirit.

To be entered to win, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me how you like to sparkle in your creative life (remember—everyone is creative!). I’ll need to hear from you by Friday, December 14 at midnight MST to be entered. I will be choosing one lucky creative spirit at random, and will announce the winner in my post on Sunday, December 16.

Thanks for stopping by and being part of my creative adventures. I hope you’ll share with me how you’d like to sparkle in your creative life.


lisa, aka the mountain mermaid



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10 responses to “Finding My Voice & A Sparkling Giveaway

  1. Lisa. What a beautiful anniversary post! I can just see you swimming with ideas and creativity in and amongst those mountains! In so grateful you listened to that inner voice who helped you on your way that day! Jamie Ridler is sparkle personified. Whoever wins this wonderful prize is in for a treat! Tha is for sharing your journey, Lisa. It means so much to hear your story!
    Juli xo

  2. mountain mermaid is an ideal description of you Lisa!
    I’d like to sparkle on the page…creative writing, journaling, poetry, short stories…the possibilities are endless!
    Huge thanks to Jaime for the Sparkle. Congrats on your blogaversary you always write from your heart and inspire me. Vugs!

  3. Hi LIsa! It is wonderful to find our voice and to share it with others. It was great to learn more about you and how you came to call yourself the mountain mermaid. It sounds and looks like you live in a beautiful place that I am sure inspires your creativity each day. I am looking forward to getting to know you better through your blog as well as through our Creative Dream Journals experience. Jamie has certainly helped us all to sparkle Congratulations on your blogaversary!

  4. Durango girl here. Please say hello to the Rockies for me. Happy Blogaversary! Thank you for sharing your mountain mermaid story and the gift from Jamie. Please put my name in the pot of sparkly gold.

  5. Ohhhhhh mountain mermaid… VERY cool way to describe yourself! I’m excited to hopefully be spending more time reading your blog soon, as classes let out for a break in about a week and I can resume my blogging life – hopefully for good!

    I like to sparkle by being myself – my wierd, crazy, strange self – in a world of people who work to be normal. I like to take yarn with me in the car at my internship, and crochet in the movie theater. I like to wear clothes that make me happy, even if they are wierd. I like making art that makes me happy, even if it isn’t filled with owls and cupcakes and things everyone else is making.

    In other words – I’m trying to make all of my life a creative life, and even though I’m nowhere near close to that goal… I’m closer than I was a year ago.

  6. Lovely blog. The mountains look beautiful! Wish I had some near me in Texas. So how I like to sparkle? I think it comes out at different times in different ways. A lot is inspired by projects for clients that I get really excited about creating. I find myself in a zen mode…just knowing exactly what I want to create and figuring out how to get the end result to look like the one in my head. Other times I sparkle in my personal life, especially when I am feeling grateful for my husband, sons and other family and friends. That usually happens in the morning when I am taking my meditation walk. Even though I’m not in the mountains, I connect with the trees, birds, flowers and sky during my walk and feel humbled and blessed to be right where I’m at no matter what is going on in my life. It’s an “inside” sparkle that reminds me how precious life is.
    All the best to you!


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  8. Lisa, you know that creativity in others resonates so deeply with me. I love your “mountain mermaid” title and after thinking about it, I think I’m a desert mountain mermaid. I have a deep and abiding affinity for the White Mountains of Arizona–I mean DEEP! They became my refuge and my source of rejuvenation while my parents were alive. I would visit them there each September for respite for caregiving. After taking care of my husband for many, many years my creative juices were stuffed so far down that now they are only a dim glimmer. I have tried numerous ways to get that little girl to come and play and be delighted and delightful and none has worked so far. Do you think Sparkles might do it? I don’t know…I’m here for a reason…I’m yearning to try and even if I don’t win, it is nice to have a safe space to share. xoxo

    • Oh Robyn – your comment touches my heart! I am so glad you stopped by to share. And I definitely think Sparkles can help. I’ll be posting a winner on Sunday:) Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I found your story tonight and loved it. You are a great person, don;t ever stop being you!

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