Holiday Traditions


As I sit down to write this post, the lights on the Christmas tree are twinkling, Christmas carols are playing, and I hear the tape gun as my sweet husband packages the gifts going to family.

After six years of living here, this is the first Christmas we’ll be spending in our Salida home. As a childless couple we have the freedom to do what we want each year. We have time to travel at Christmas, and our fun has ranged from ski hut trips, to road trips to visit family and the Santa Fe Farolito Walk.

I’ve been missing the beautiful traditions my mom created though, and this year I really wanted to celebrate her by bringing some of them back into my home.

My favorite is the clothespins, an “advent” tradition she created when my sisters were young. There were 25 clothes pins – painted gold and numbered. Day 13 has a white yarn doll angel – to celebrate my sister Deborah’s birthday. Happy Birthday Deborah! And day 25, of course, has a red Santa yarn doll.


The story goes that the clothes pin tradition was created so each day a clothes pin could removed by a different family member, and as a youngster the question of how many days until Christmas could be answered by ‘Go count the clothes pins!’

We always had a Christmas tree, which we did not decorate until Christmas Eve. I broke tradition on that, and our beautiful tree (in the photo above), from the Charlie Brown Christmas tree lot, is already decorated.

‘Nanny’s cookies’ are on the cookies to be baked list. And I know I will be adding some of my own flare. I’m considering chocolate dipped gingerbread cookies. Yum!

santa-mugsWe always leave cookies for Santa – with milk in one of the Santa mugs. Yes, these mugs have been around since I was a kid.

Stockings filled to overflowing, and presents under the tree, were always part of our celebrations. We’re not much for lots of presents, but this year some gifts will decorate the bottom of the tree on Christmas Eve.

Another tradition my mom created when I was grown involved the neighborhood. She rallied the neighbors on our street to set up luminaries along the entire street on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition that I experience on the Solstice in my neighborhood. It is a beautiful way to welcome back the light.


I’m not fond of the over commercialization of Christmas, and I believe in Santa Claus. He is the spirit of love in all of us. (If you haven’t read ‘Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, I encourage you to do so!)

I’d love to hear about your traditions for the holidays.
EnJOY the season!

xox, lisa – aka the mountain mermaid

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One response to “Holiday Traditions

  1. Gorgeous tree Lisa and I thoroughly enjoyed your sharing your holiday traditions! I believe in Santa, too.
    Last year Brin shared with her boyfriend that we had always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. We decorated the tree, ate dinner, sat in front of the fireplace (Yes, in FL!) and this was an important tradition for her and she wanted to keep doing it this way.
    Why he asked curiously did we wait until C’mas Eve to decorate the tree? Brin was incredulous when I explained, well we couldn’t afford a real tree when Brin was little so we waited until the lots were giving them away on C’mas Eve! She never knew this and we all got a HUGE laugh out of this li’l holiday treasure.

    Big Christmassy vugs to you my friend, ~L.

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