Creativity, Connection & Wellness

Creativity –– Connection –– Wellness/Self-Care

Creativity –– Connection –– Wellness/Self-Care

As 2012 comes to an end, I am feeling blessed for the journey of this year. I have been reflecting and celebrating the Joy (my word for 2012), Discovery, Play, Work – Creativity, Connection, Self-Care…and so much more…that have been part of my year. And I’ve been dreaming and thinking about what I’m wishing to invite into my 2013.

I was inspired by Jamie Ridler to create these three vision boards, to begin this invitation process.

There is so much I am envisioning for this new year, and some times the blank slate of a new year can be a bit overwhelming. This process let me step back and use my intuition to begin envisioning what the year might hold.

This is the first year I’ve truly felt this reflection and celebration process deep in my soul. This is the first year I feel a deep trust with this envisioning process – to guide me as I move into the new year. I have been creating dream boards and art journaling for a few years now – and I’m just now discovering its power and magic.

The themes that bubbled to the surface for me were Creativity, Connection and Wellness. Looking at these three areas I feel so much overlap to the other areas of my life that want attention –like trust (Trust is the word that will guide me in 2013), work, play, making a difference, and even travel – they felt like just the right place to start.

I know I will use these vision cards through out the year, to keep me on track – especially on the days where my trust (in myself) ebbs (which is inevitable).

If you’ve thought about creating any type of vision or dream boards – I really encourage you to give it a try. As we move into the new year, it is great way to begin creating your dreams. It is fun & intuitive, and there are a myriad of resources to get you started.  Click here for some resources to get you started.

Keep in mind – it may take more than one dream or vision board to feel the magic begin to work (as I mentioned above, it certainly did for me), but if I can find it, I’m sure that you can, too!

Enjoy celebrating you as this year ends, and take some time to dream of what you want to invite into your new year! I’d love to hear what you’re dreaming of!

Thanks for being part of my year!

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid


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  1. Buffy Noble

    Really inspiring..! x

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