Back Country Goodbye

Just before Christmas some ‘newer’ friends mentioned they had space on an upcoming hut trip. My hubby & I love hut trips, and it’s not always easy to secure spots; since we didn’t have any plans we jumped at the chance for a back country adventure  – and time spent getting to know our new friends.

Although we returned before the year turned over in my neck of the woods, this little adventure became my way of saying goodbye to 2012.


Schmancy hotels can have there place, and I mostly prefer outdoor adventures that include some effort to reach my  destination…
(We took a different route to the Peter Estin Hut —a bit steeper and only 4.4 miles— and returned along the 8 mile route noted above.)



…and always a room with a view

Sunset from the Peter Estin Hut

Sunset from the Peter Estin Hut

…and in the winter a back country hut always includes a roaring wood stove to make it cozy, dry out ski gear and melt snow for drinking water


…and time hanging out with friends



and exploring in the woods…





Snow mushrooms!

…and even a few turns (which I did not capture in pixels)


…and making art for the hut journal (I had the honor of creating the art and everyone was excited to add their comments.)

A grand way  for this mountain mermaid to bid adieu to 2012!
My new year’s eve was anti-climatic in comparison – I was sound asleep by midnight, but that is not unusual!

I’m still greeting and getting to know 2013. I’d love to hear how you said good bye to last year, an/or hello to the new year.

Lisa – aka the mountain mermaid


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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous adieu! LOVE the pix…the crisp vitality of the weather and people leap off the page. Awesome journal page, you always inspire me with your art and humor ♥ Can’t wait to hear about your city trip too!

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