Old Dog New Tricks & the ‘Big City’

TricksOld Dog New Tricks is the cool font I discovered at The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse. Tim & I had our morning lattes there on Friday while visiting the ‘Big City’.
“If you’re into fonts,” the proprietor said when I asked to look at the mug with their logo on it, “it’s Old Dog New Tricks.” I found it immediately on my iPad, and although the light was terrible in the back of the cafe I had fun playing with it in my journal (above pic). I’ll probably be adding it to the font library on my computer, too.

The squares were inspired by a post on Create Mixed Media, and the patterns by the new Zentangle Books I got at one of my favorite Boulder stores, Two Hands Paperie.

Back to the ‘Big City’ part of the story – I’d hardly call Boulder a big city, but it is a cool metropolis tucked up against the Rocky Mountain Foothills where I lived for about 10 years; it has A LOT more people, and cars, and shops, and things, than my little ‘city’ of Salida.

Boulder Photos

This photo of Boulder is courtesy of TripAdvisor

We ventured down to visit friends and to go see The Hobbit in 3D (my first 3D ever), among other things. (I say down because it is down in altitude, but it is really up north from where I now live.)

“Every good story deserves to be embellished,” said Gandolf in the movie.
So I will tell you the story that our ‘Big City’ adventure offered wild times of drinking & carousing & spending money wantonly = fun hanging out with friends; a few meals at good restaurants, including one dinner with a little too much wine; the movies; and lots of errand shopping to buy everything from toilet paper and dishwasher soap to wine and colored pencils (shopping for art supplies is the most fun part of the shopping for me:)

I didn’t take any photos while there – everything felt a little dingy because the recent snow was melting (the flat irons were not as snowy as seen above, but they are always cool to look at). The change in scenery was fun, and it’s good to be home. An I’m excited to have some new art supplies to play with.

And so there you have it: the tale of the “Big City” – for this time. I hope you enjoyed my adventures. And I always like to hear of yours…

Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid


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