Playing is Essential

Mr Cottonwood Canyon

Mr Cottonwood Canyon

Playing is Essential is a little something I share each Wednesday on my Lisa DeYoung VA facebook page, and on twitter. I like my clients, or potential clients, to know about my playful spirit and some of the fun I get up to.

The image above is of the rebuilt Mr. Cottonwood Canyon – my name for this torso like wood stump that lives in Cottonwood Canyon and evolves with the wind and the seasons. My hubby and I found the wood stump fallen over in a heap on a recent hike, and had fun creating our own little man.

Here is another iteration of this guy from a few years ago. I did not have any part in his creation.

Our ‘backyard’ canyons are a bit like an ephemeral outdoor art gallery. Sculptures created from rock and wood come and go – with the wind and the seasons.

I love sharing my quick play snippets each week on facebook and twitter. It reminds me of my playful spirit and I trust this spirit sparks a smile in many who see them. I hope you’ll stop by and check out my play sharing on Wednesdays. (Facebook; Twitter)

I’d love to hear about how you spark your playful spirit. And I hope you’ll stop by the mountain mermaid again soon – where I share my creative adventures in more depth!


Lisa – aka the mountain mermaid


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