mountain mermaid manifesto…

Mermaid Mind Map Star

Mermaid Mind Map Star

Manifesto — defined as a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.

Wow – this definition sounds so bold to me. Declaring publicly…I don’t often think of myself as doing that when I share here, but I guess that is really what I’m doing. Anyone has access to my creative adventures here at the mountain mermaid, and I really hope they entertain and inspire.

The idea of a manifesto was introduced to me last summer during my Creative Breakthrough Session with Jamie Ridler. She encouraged me to write one for the mountain mermaid. She also mentioned that it didn’t need to be long or complex.

I’ve been playing around with this ever since, and the process has helped me to clarify what I am most passionate about. It has also made me realize that my manifesto is somewhat dynamic. As my life meanders along – or sometimes charges forward or stops to rest – I get to know my self better, I evolve – and sometimes my intentions, motives, views shift. I’ve already edited this wee manifesto a number of times, and you can see in the image below I’ve added something new since I put color to this printed version. It was something, I realized as I was journaling and then writing this post, that is really important to me.

Mountain Mermaid Manifesto - January 2013

Mountain Mermaid Manifesto – January 2013

I am the mountain mermaid.

I emerged as the mountain mermaid in my imagination during one of my trail wanderings – several years ago now. She felt just right to be me, and I have spent the last several years getting to know her better. In the process I am learning how I wish to share her gifts.

I am creative.

After many years of pushing back when people would compliment me by telling me I am creative, I now embrace it. Among other things…  …I am and artist and designer – I love to play with and on paper – creating journals and playing with color and letters and doodles and drawings in said journals. I am a creative entrepreneur – I love to support other creative entrepreneurs move their work in the world forward. I also love to bake, an occasional gardener and crafts person, too. I am creating as I go along on this very blog – I love sharing my creative adventures here, and I hope they inspire you in your creative life!

I love to explore & play outdoors.

Being outdoors and being physically active have been a big part of my life. It is always my remedy for getting out of my head – chasing the gremlins away and coming back to center. I love to hike and bicycle and ski and run, and swim, too (there is a small window of time for swimming in the Arkansas River near my home). Exploring outside – discovering the ever changing natural world; discovering new cultures on journeys abroad; wandering on the trails near home and further afield, or the streets of a city I may be visiting – all of these open my world to possibility.

I am an independent spirit, and I crave connection.

I love to spend time by myself, knowing that I can discover my own way. And being in community and connecting with others is essential for my well being – I crave it. Although it is great to be comfortable on my own, we are all intertwined and here to support one another. Connection helps to make this life beautiful.

I trust.

Trust is the word that is guiding me in 2013. Fully trusting is something I am just beginning to understand and embrace. I trust that I am enough. I trust that my community loves me for who I am. I trust that I deserve love. I trust the vulnerability of sharing.

And I know my world, my manifesto, my actions – they are imperfect. And I trust that by being the best I can be that I am enough.

I want to make a difference.

And I trust by just being here on the planet I am making a difference. I trust that just by being the mountain mermaid and sharing my creative life with others, I am making a positive impact on our great earth.

My love of this one precious world urges me to care for her as best I can.
I recycle. I pedal my bike just about everywhere – to do errands, visit friends, to go to yoga. I am conscious of the water I use. I grow some of my own food. I buy locally when I can. I love to support small entrepreneurs (like me). I am an active participant in my community.

Along with sharing what I’ve discovered with you, I also wanted to give you the opportunity to play with creating a manifesto of your own. Because you see, dear mermaid souls, if you’re reading my blog,  you are more than likely a (mountain) mermaid, too.

So – to all you mountain mermaids and mountain mermaid friends out there – please feel free download my manifesto!  Have fun making it your own! (Print the blank version and declare your own views; color it in; journal about what you’re discovering; hang it on your wall to remind you of you are and who you wish to become!

Enjoy, and I’d love to hear about what you discover!

Lisa – aka, the mountain mermaid



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3 responses to “mountain mermaid manifesto…

  1. Cyndi Hart

    You have obviously put a lot of thought into this. You have certainly made me feel connected to you. I may have to call myself a “Prairie Mermaid” though living in Pueblo. As I read through your list of activities, I wondered if you would want to add lake kayaking to your repertoire of outdoor play activities. I gather a tribe of women for full moon kayaking at Lake Pueblo. Also camp out during the warmer months. Let me know if you want me to add your name to the list. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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