What are you hungry for?

Reflecting on my Desires under the Full Wolf Moon

Reflecting on my Desires under the Full Wolf Moon

For this month’s full moon – the Full Wolf Moon Jamie Ridler asks,

What are you hungry for?

This question really allowed me to reflect on my current desires.

initial moon desires

initial moon desires

First I created a moon, with colored pencil, in my journal – and intuitively wrote what I was thinking about; then I set to work to find images I felt would reflect these thoughts. Some of these desires came shining through, and I also discovered a few surprises.

Although it did not seem to go with what I reflected in my initial moon desires, I was drawn to the intimacy of the man & the woman on the bridge. Maybe it is because we are moving into the month of love, but I decided I am looking for some romance. My hubby is a sweetheart, but creating romance isn’t always in the forefront for him – especially during his busiest work time (now)! I decided it’s my job to create some romance for us for Valentine’s Day – shhh…let’s keep it a secret:)

The other desire I did not write about, but is certainly on my mind, is the snow peaks and ski area. After some great snow to end 2012, it has been a dry, dry January. I am hungry for snowy mountains (and valley where I live) – and the knowing that our rivers and reservoirs will fill with water this spring. Not too mention my skin wouldn’t mind a little moisture in its life, and I’d love to ski some powder! Fortunately the great mother nature seems to be looking upon us favorably again, and it is snowing in the mountains as I write!

For me my other images fit seem to fint into my hunger for

creating, opportunity, connection, collaboration

These are all areas I am working on in my life, especially in my business. I am working on a bit of change in focus to incorporate the creating I so desire. Watch out for some changes – as the mountain mermaid begins to integrate with my entrepreneurial ventures.

Somehow body work did not seem appear on my board. I am not sure why, as I am really craving having a massage – some one to dig lovingly and deep into my tight muscles.

Moon detail

Moon detail

What are you hungry for under this full wolf moon?

I’d love to hear in the comments, and/or head over to Jamie Ridler Studios for her monthly dream board sharing. You can also see what other dreamers are up to there.

Lisa – aka the mountain mermaid

P.S. If you’ve never made a dream board before, check out these resources to get started. Happy Dreaming!



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2 responses to “What are you hungry for?

  1. justabackpackandarollie

    I always start the year (or sometimes month) with a visioning practice like a vision board. This year I went to a Mandalas for the New Year Workshop in early January. What a great experience. I highly recommend it. Great blog!

  2. Three words came to my mind as soon as I saw your board: Passion. Power. Play. Reading your words I thought, LOL, and “Peak!”

    Have a wonderful month, Lisa. May all of your dreams come true.

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