This week: Powder (Snow) Smiles


photo credit: Monarch Mountain Resort’s facebook page 1/28/2012

“Bring your fatties tomorrow, it’s going to be huge!
7″ since 7am…inch an hour since noon and still going strong!”
~Monarch Mountain Resort Monday afternoon Facebook update

January was dry. It is not a month known for big snows in the Colorado Rockies, but I’m a bit paranoid after last season when winter essentially never happened. It’s not something I can control, of course, I can only hope my snow dances and prayers to Ullr influence Mama Nature.

You can bet a big grin emerged when I saw the 12″ snow report early Tuesday morning.

And after Monarch’s report on Facebook (see above) Monday afternoon I was already prepared to go skiing first thing on Tuesday – my hubby & I were about fifth chair, and got freshies (aka fresh powder turns) on Tele Alley – to start. It was a phenomenal day of skiing, and looking back on my turns always makes me smile!


Disclaimer: I did not have my camera with me Tuesday – and to illustrate the smile, this is a photo from the back country near home from a few years ago. The image does include my turns 🙂

I can’t control what mother nature has in store for the rest of the winter, but I’ll take these moments, this experience!

ski-shadowWhat’s moment has brought a grin to your face this week?

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid


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