February Link Love


As the mountain mermaid considered how to begin February, her mind was on love. Valentine’s Day is this month, and to her (that would be moi) this day is about much more than romantic love. It is about LOVE of self, friends, family, ideas, community, the universe – as well as my soul mate – and it radiates out from this special day, wrapping itself around the entire month.

Lately I’m loving (there is that word) curated sites, and posts that share links that creative bloggers want to share with their readers. I’ve been introduced to many new and interesting bloggers, ideas & beauty this way. And it’s given me the idea that I’d start something new this month…to begin sharing some people, posts, links – that I’m loving – with you.

This month my love goes out to a few beautiful souls who have greatly influenced my creative life in recent years – and continue to be an inspirational light in my life!

Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse

I met Cynthia about a dozen years ago when she was just beginning her coaching practice, and before the online world had blossomed to what it is today! We were both living in Boulder, CO. I had just returned from a year of travel around the world and was trying to figure out how to re-integrate myself into a life with some sort of regular routine. Cynthia was just beginning her coaching practice – and did not even have her blog yet.

I have so enjoyed watching Cynthia grow and evolve in her creative life and work, and I am constantly inspired by what she gets up to, along with how she helps others grow in their creative lives. And I love her commitment to her journals and illustration – an area near and dear to my heart!

Kathryn Antyr Costa – The Collage Diva

Kathryn and I connected about 3-4 years ago when I was floundering after a corporate lay-off that although I knew deep down was for the best, still dampened my spirit. Here creative collage work and photography, along with her kind and inspirational writing drew me in immediately. I love the stories she shares on her site about creating and about her life. And I am totally inspired of her collage art work.

Jamie Ridler – Jamie Ridler Studios

Jamie’s voice spoke to me immediately when I was spending a lot of time searching for creative inspiration on the world wide web about 3-4 years ago. This was also soon after my corporate lay-off, and her weekly podcast, Creative Living with Jamie, lifted my dampened spirits and gave me the will to believe in my creative life. Creative Living continues to inspire me with its fantastic conversations between Jamie & her creative interviewee. Jamie’s online studio, with its wishcasting and full moon ‘challenges’ connects me with a like-minded community. And her voice, her belief in each person’s creative life, gives me the courage to embrace my creative life.

Each of these women are uniquely their own, and I encourage you to visit each one to see how they might inspire your creative life. Thanks you Cynthia, Kathryn, and Jamie for being a creative force in the world and for all the inspiration you provide me. Sending lots of love and hugs to you over the interwebs.

Lisa – aka the mountain mermaid


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this love, Lisa! It is cool to look back and see how far we’ve both come. I appreciate having you as a peer on the creative adventure!

    Here’s to lots of love for our creative lives this month and beyond.

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