Dreaming at the Dunes


I spent the past four days waking up  to this view – out the window from my bed and from the kitchen table where I ate my breakfast, played in my journal, and created my full worm moon dream board.

I was on my (first ever) mindfulness retreat with six other women. My day consisted of yummy and healthful meals lovingly prepared by the talented Anna Dvorak, walking amongst the high desert landscape, and practicing ‘mindfulness’ – with silent periods and guided meditation, along with living in a small space with other women there to connect and do the same.

While there the full moon rose over the Sangre de Cristo mountains – pouring beautiful light, and also some mysterious drama, over the retreat.

During Tuesday’s silent period I took time to create my full moon dream board. The question I kept in mind, from Jamie Ridler’s monthly prompt, was: What dreams are emerging? What’s stirring?

March_Worm_MoonThis colorful and a bit surrealistic collage emerged…and I am still deciphering it’s meaning.

The images of the rooms remind me a bit of the rustic cabin I was staying at during the retreat. And the jars that line the counters and shelves in the kitchen – along with the Dali-esk feeling of the raspberry, morel mushroom and greens – remind me of the yummy and healthy food I ate all week.

This morning I enjoyed a latte and scone for breakfast with my hubby, who I missed while I was away, at our local café. Oh they were tasty, but I sense my body really prefers the more nutritional food I ate on retreat. The food on retreat was delicious and easy to eat when lovingly prepared by Anna, for each meal. How can I replicate this for myself?

For our first guided meditation Anna asked us to think of a flower that we might embody. As I was collecting images for my board I found and image of columbines – which is the flower I thought of during this meditation. They are the Colorado state flower, and I love how they are delicate and yet rugged at the same time. I often wonder how these delicate flowers thrive in their harsh rocky mountain environment.

I love the confident and beautiful woman in the center of my board – how she appears to know where she is going while she playfully flying a kite. I have an inkling about her, and all of the little images that surround her, seemingly at random.

It is good to be home again. As the learning from the mindfulness retreat sinks in I am curious to see how the intentions that I considered there, some of which have come forth on my dream board, emerge.

What is stirring for you as this full worm moon begins to wane and spring really begins to move in? I’d love to hear from you. And you can also stop by to share your dream board, and/or see what other full moon dreamers are up to, at Jamie Ridler Studios.

Happy Spring!

Lisa – aka the mountain mermaid



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2 responses to “Dreaming at the Dunes

  1. What a delightful dreamboard, Lisa! The thing that struck me right away was the vibrancy! So much beautiful colour and aliveness! And I notice too the rooms, the colour swatches, the jars – there’s a kind of beautiful order to all of this creative aliveness.

    I think this looks to be exactly where you’re headed! May all of your dreams come true.

  2. wonderful images and so strong with such vibrancy! may all your dreams come true!

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