Spring Practice

When I finished my 99 journal pages challenge recently (you can read about it here, here and here), a friend’s comment asked if I had any new challenges in the works. At that moment, I did not. And now one is brewing.

I mentioned in my closing 99 journal challenge post that I would love to improve my drawing skills, and that I always find resistance around drawing.

So my next loosely held challenge is to improve my drawing skills.

I have taken drawing classes before; I have been through parts of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain; and I have never been a great ‘practicer’.

I did not practice the piano in between lessons as a kid. Practice feels like a muscle I never developed very well. And I know that improving my drawing skills is going to take practice.


Practice reminder for myself!

I’m not sure yet what this challenge entails (in my style there are no rules:), but I’m putting it out here so I need to report back, at some point, on my progress.

I know that I’m not looking to create super detailed and realistic images of what is before me. I love loose sketches and illustrative drawing. I know I am not good at sitting still for long stretches – I want to be able to capture the essence of what I wish to draw in a relatively short time. I want to illustrate my everyday in my own style.

Just after making the practice reminder, I grabbed my pen to try my hand at the beautiful spring tulips I had just bought and were sitting on my dining room table.


Grabbing a pen (Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen to be exact) is a big step for me. My comfort zone is pencil – for fear of un-repairable mistakes. And I actually love this simple illustration – completed with my Inktense watercolor pencils. Yay!

I am very inspired by Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio, who has been sharing a lot about her sketching journey lately. We connected on Facebook about this, and today when I popped over there to grab her URL for this post, the title of her most recent post (from this morning) was “For Those Afraid of Drawing.” Wow – did she write that for me?

I’m loving the serendipity of it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to have her daily commitment, but I am committed to practicing in some way.


I’ve had other signs that drawing and practicing should be a spring focus.

And I’m looking forward to practicing my  drawing skills, practicing my seeing skills; stretching myself to capture on paper more of what I see.

Do you have something you wish to practice, and get better at?

I’d love for you to share – as I do believe that speaking about these things helps give you the commitment to move forward with your desire.

And I’ll keep you posted on my practice, too. Promise!

Happy Spring!

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid



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4 responses to “Spring Practice

  1. Buffy Noble

    I love this! After the gorgeous month in Salida when I had so much time to write, here in Switzerland I have to be more disciplined. I have to make sure I practise writing, and reading every day (whilst having enough time to show up at work, eat, have a good walk, maybe do some yoga, and get into bed at a reasonable hour!). It is a tricky balance to strike, but I find the more I practise, the easier it becomes.

    There was that golfer (never played it, never will) who once said, ‘the more I practice, the luckier I get’, which I absolutely love. Was this the most worthwhile thing ever to come out of that sport? 😉

    I also need to practise spelling practice correctly. I am perennially confused about the difference.

    Lots of love from Geneva XXX

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