imagine all the people…

….sharing all the world


imagine is the coloring download I am sharing with you this month. After I thought about the word, I glanced up to see this beautiful piece I created a number of years ago which still sits open on my shelf.

While teaching calligraphy & book arts at Naropa University in 2006, one of the semester long assignments I created for my students was a book exchange. There were about a dozen students in the class, plus me, and the assignment was to create a small edition – so that each student would have a piece from each of their classmates. I participated, too, and my book was inspired by John Lennon’s song Imagine, which I absolutely love.

My piece for you this month – click here to download – is also inspired by Lennon’s song, and that book I created for my student book exchange.


imagine-pencilThe lettering for the word started life with a pencil – actually two – taped together to emulate a flat nib of sorts. From there I scanned the sketch, brought it into illustrator and drew the letters with the pen tool.

My paper doll chain was created similarly – although I just snagged the paper doll peeps off the internet and drew from there.

I’m still learning how to use the pen tool in illustrator, so I’m quite proud of how well I did with the letters. They are far from perfect, but I think I’m beginning to master the tool just a bit.

My paper doll chain is pretty rough – and it was a last minute inspiration that I did not spend a lot of time on. I think they’re pretty cute though, and I hope you’ll have fun adding some color and personality to them.

And I hope you’ll

imagine…all the people…sharing all the world.

I may be a dreamer, but it is a wonderful concept.

If nothing else, I hope you’ll have some fun and share what you create with me and others. And please feel free to share my download if you feel inspired. Spread the word…imagine!

Happy Spring – Let your imagination run wild!

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid

P.S. Here’s a peek at the space where my imagine book sits…it is just to the right of my computer – I love being able to glance over at many of the journals and and other bookish pieces I’ve created, along with a collection of other fun memorabilia.




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4 responses to “imagine all the people…

  1. Love the song, too Lisa 🙂 The two pencils tied = so clever! Though I think you did a really good job with Illustrator as well. Brilliant to see a glimpse of your corner. I wish I could pop round for some creative play (I’d love to learn bookbinding properly.) xo

  2. Lisa,
    Love your post. I too would like to learn more about book arts. I saw the most amazing handmade book a couple of years ago in a gallery in Maine and have been wanting to create something myself.
    Love the sentiment – we all need to spend more time imagining the possibilities!

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