Sharing Santa Fe – A Photo Essay

When you hear ‘Santa Fe’ you’re probably thinking you’re going to see southwestern urban views…and so I have to give you a heads up – when we go to Santa Fe we camp in the Black Canyon campground, and generally play on the outskirts of the city.

weekend getaway begins at Black Canyon…


I love how these hillsides have hearts tucked into them.

LookingUpI love watching the sky through the trees.

a bit of urban mountain biking

NewGlovesbreaking in my new gloves on La Tierra Trails.

OldCarcrazy old car in a wash, alongside the trail

back at camp again

Scramblingdid I really agree to scramble up this rocky embankment?

Lizardfinding this cute little guy, who seemed to like me – or really likes getting his picture taken – made it worth it:)


the shape of our bread after we had to trim off the raven maulings

campfireevening campfire

more urban mountain biking

UrbanViewlooking out on Santa Fe – and down to Albuquerque – from the Dale Ball Trails

ChollaFruitI was hoping for flowers…but settled for last year’s cholla fruit

Cactusand other spiny cactus

our city explorations




CraneArtand cranes

Adobe-CanyonRdall found in the courtyard galleries along Canyon Road

and lastly

AlmondCroissanta most decadent almond croissant (and latte) at the Sage Bakehouse. Yum!


my ‘SketchNote’ journal page from the weekend.

and very lastly there was the trip to Trader Joe’s, to stock up on some staples, before heading home.

Thank you for coming along on my little weekend adventure. I hope you enjoyed it!

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid


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One response to “Sharing Santa Fe – A Photo Essay

  1. Lisa,
    So funny to find the cranes – I’ve been finding them as well – but mostly in print – still, there are no coincidences!

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