Making the effort to go (to The) Way Back In(n)


Morning Sangres at The Way Back Inn

I’d like to think the title of this post is a bit of a metaphor for digging deep.

For me the effort I made to make sure I was able to make it to my friends party on their property called ‘The Way Back Inn’ felt just so.

Terry invited me to this party about a month ago. When she did I knew that I would be home alone and without a vehicle. (We’re a one vehicle family at the moment, and my hubby was headed out for a 10 day biz trip the day before.) Normally I don’t think much about that – because I don’t drive my car very often. I don’t need to in my town, as I much prefer to pedal my bike the few blocks for groceries, or across town to visit a friend.

But when I have some place to go that requires a vehicle, I appreciate having one. I had never been to The Way Back Inn, but I had heard so much about it, I knew it was a special place, and the party invitation was special, too. (The photo at the top offers a glimpse of its specialness.) I had a few friends that would be going – but this is where I had to dig deep. I’m not good at asking for help, asking to be part of someone else’s plans.

A few days before the party I stopped by to visit Terri at her shop, Wanderlust Road, and we talked about who I might call to get a ride. I think I was hoping she might arrange it all for me…but really I didn’t – I knew it wasn’t her job to get me to her party. It dawned on me as I left that afternoon, that if I really wanted to go I would need to make the effort to ask for help, be willing to put myself out there to be part of other people’s plans. It seems silly that this felt so scary to me, but it always does.

I really wanted to go, so I made a call. It’s a bit funny and complicated how it all unfolded, but it worked out that I drove a friend’s car (which is another thing that feels like a stretch considering I often don’t drive a car for weeks at a time) and sherpa’d all their gear for the evening (& overnight) so they could pedal there.

The Way Back Inn is literally Way. Back. In.

To get there you wind up and back on a skinny dirt road (that is not altogether smooth) for about 3.5 or 4 miles. And then you arrive in paradise.

Tent-sangresHome for the night

It looked a bit threatening when I first arrived, but we had a wonderful evening.


Some folks brought instruments (it’s a very musical crew).
Everyone brought food to share.

and there was also

The warmth of the bonfire.
The waxing half moon that shone brightly as it moved across the night sky.
Old friends (even a few I have not seen in many years and did not know would be there) and new.
Conversation and laughter.

Being present in the moment was what I needed, so I didn’t take many pictures (although I’m glad I snapped the few I’ve shared.)

I’m so glad I made the effort to go (to The) Way Back In(n).

What’s been your experience when you’ve dug deep for something that felt like a bit of a stretch?

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid



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2 responses to “Making the effort to go (to The) Way Back In(n)

  1. debs

    Love this piece!

  2. hi dear! you won a Make Time print 🙂 send me your address at! xo

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