Precious resource was snow just yesterday…


At this time of year we like to joke that the river water was snow just yesterday. It’s really not too far from the truth…at least on a normal year when there is still snow melting from the peaks. After last spring – when there was no snow to melt, I’m happy to report that my toes were quickly very numb when I dipped them in the river this afternoon.


And the river is on the rise…

This is my seventh spring living in Salida, and last year is the only one so far where the river never rose. It was never that icy cold snow melt, the beaches along the river’s edge never disappeared (they’re gone in the image above), and we were swimming before the end of June.

Although our river basin is still “below average”, things are looking much better than this time last year and for that I am very grateful.

greens-crkAlong Greens Creek, where my hubby & I took a hike just the other day, we joked that the creek was snow just 10 minutes ago. I’m not sure that is a joke either – can you see the snow in the upper right corner of that image?


It was a pretty day along Greens Creek – especially seeing the snow that is still there and melting into the creek, that feeds the river.

holly-flowersWe even found a few flowers in bloom (remember this is springtime in the Rockies – elevation 7000+).

Water truly is a precious resource.

And with that I will leave you with a little poem I wrote in the early 2000’s – after the last severe drought in Colorado, and also travels to Nepal.


Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid


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