South Africa, circa 2000

A shipwreck near Mpande

A shipwreck near Mpande

In the year 2000 I was celebrating my third wedding anniversary in South Africa on this very day.

We had left Mpande on the Wild Coast a few days before and were in Umkomaas to go scuba diving on the Aliwal Shoal.

Our adventures in South Africa started in Capetown after an interesting overnight bus ride from Windhoek, Namibia.

We spent about a week exploring in and around Capetown.

Capetown Waterfront

Capetown Waterfront with Table Mountain in the background

On top of Table Mountain

On top of Table Mountain

Jack-ass penguins in Simons Town - near the Cape of Good Hope (southern tip of South Africa)

Jack-ass penguins in Simons Town – near the Cape of Good Hope (southern tip of South Africa)

Wine tasting in Stellenbosch

Wine tasting in Stellenbosch

After a week in Capetown, we jumped on the Baz Bus – a hop-on hop-off backpacker bus service – for a month of exploring our way up to Johannesburg.

Near Hermanus

Near Hermanus

Waterfall near Hogsback

Waterfall near Hogsback

the Hogsback (which we did hike to the top of:)

Wild Coast

Wild Coast

Dinner while staying at The Kraal, on the Wild Coast

Picking out dinner, while staying at The Kraal, on the Wild Coast

Drakensberg Mountains

Drakensberg Mountains

On the summit of Cathedral Peak

On the summit of Cathedral Peak (in the Drakensberg)

African kiddos playing

African kiddos playing

Water Buffalo in  Kruger National Park

Water Buffalo in Kruger National Park

Baboons in Kruger National Park

Baboons in Kruger National Park

South Africa was a wonderful country to explore – we had some amazing adventures that these photos offer but a hing of.

I absolutely treasure all the memories from this year of travel 13 years ago. And I must confess I feel like I’m having difficulty sharing my stories. As I pour through my journals and photos my brain is alive with stories, yet I wonder why I committed to sharing this journey here as I try to craft the stories to share.

My excuse (for my difficulty) comes from feeling like I don’t have the images to match the stories that are circling in my brain. I blame that on the technology in 2000: digital photos were still in relative infancy at that time. I traveled with a cool new digital camera that friends pooled to buy for us so we could share along the way. But I didn’t have much space and it was challenging to figure out how to archive the images.

My old camera is long gone, and my excuse looms large.

But whether I’m sharing well here, I am taking time to relive the year – I am reading my journals; I am looking at the pictures; Tim and I are talking about the people, the places, the stories; and I am looking up some of the places on the internet to see if they now have an online home (like me). Tim shot slides with a 35mm camera and he has just sent a batch of several hundred to get scanned!

I am a wanderlust at heart, and I think I need to relive this amazing journey because my wanderlust is calling. I appreciate the space to relive it in my mind, and I thank you for coming along as I share in the way I can figure out.

I’d love to hear about your wanderlust – I know you have it.

Lisa, the mountain mermaid



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2 responses to “South Africa, circa 2000

  1. Cyndi Hart

    I’m inspired by your Wanderlust, Lisa. Those BIG trips seem to be the ones we remember the most. But isn’t it fun filling up the space in between those with other great, but shorter, smaller, closer to home adventures? Still waiting for ours to manifest on the water.

  2. Was just having a wanderlust conversation with a dear friend over dinner this evening. We agreed that traveling alone as women was a rite of passage that changed our lives. I think reliving big events like journeys physical, emotional, and spiritual add depth to our lives. Sharing our journeys is a way to extend meaning to those around us. We humans need to know that we can stretch, grow, and overcome.

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