Lunar Landscape & Gandolf the Grey

BuffCreek4Buffalo Creek is not really what I imagine the surface of the moon really looks like, but the terrain here – including crazy, cool rock formations and leftover burn area from a big wildfire in 1996 – feels lunar to me.



Lunar feel – what do you think?

There is a great trail system there, too, – that includes a section of the Colorado Trail – that is just plain fun. I try to get there to ride in the spring or fall when it’s not too hot, although on our recent visit it was pretty darn hot.

BuffCreek2But flowers were in bloom and it was a beautiful day, despite the heat.

And we were on our way to pick-up Gandolf the Grey – our brand spanking new van.


That’s my hubby on the left (in the photo above) learning deets about the new vehicle before we head out from the dealership.
That’s our old subaru right next to Gandolf – that boasts over 200,000 miles. She’s still hanging in there and is good for the short trips.

Back to Gandolf…

Tim is going to build him out into our next camper van. It will double as a work vehicle as he will also use it to haul skis and the other outdoor gear he peddles.
Besides that Tim works on the road some of the time – and a van is a good vehicle for this – if you’ve been following along at all, you know I love to go on camping road trips.  Since Tim & I have been together (married 16 years last week:) we’ve had Bilbo & Frodo (VW Westfalia campers), Pippin (rental van/camper in New Zealand) and Samwise (Sportsmobile). Gandolf seems appropriate for our new ‘graphite grey’ Sprinter van.

We’ve been waiting for over two months for Gandolf to make his way from Germany where he was built. We already have a solar panel, frig, and other pieces/parts that will be part of the new little home.


And after we picked up the van and I headed back to Salida (from Denver) in the Subaru, Tim headed out for Gandolf’s first adventure: pick-up the bike rack, call on clients, Home Depot for lots of building supplies!

This should be a fun adventure…I’ll keep you posted on the progress! And then hopefully the inaugural road trip in the fall when it’s done!

Thanks for coming along for the ride. Happy Summer!

Lisa – aka, the mountain mermaid

P.S. My hubby has just arrived home safely with Gandolf…he’s logged nearly 450 miles already. Whew!


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One response to “Lunar Landscape & Gandolf the Grey

  1. Congratulations and blessings for the new mobile home! Best wishes on your new adventures.
    PS: We had a Subaru too. 😀

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