Sometimes you just gotta have FUN!


Recently I’ve been working hard on some new things for my biz (which includes integrating this space), and my head felt like it might explode. So when the Fibark ‘carni’ began to roll into town this past week I decided I needed to let go and make the weekend

all about FUN!

FIBArk – which stands for First in Boating the Arkansas – is the biggest Salida (my home town) event of the year. Some locals slip out of town to avoid the inevitable mayhem and others (like me) dive in and enjoy with gusto. I live close enough that I can escape to home for breaks from the hoards of people…but there is definitely fun to be had.


I watched the ‘Tenderfoot Hill Climb’ where an energetic, and a bit crazy, bunch of runners race to the top of Tenderfoot…and back down again (that is the really crazy part – it is steep & rocky).

Hillclimb1I can’t really capture the hill climb part properly on camera…but if you look closely (click on the image to view it bigger) you’ll see a bunch of colorful dots – they are competitors making their way up the mountain. Trust me it is entertaining (and sometimes watching the downhill a little scary). And it is always a good  place to cheer on locals and catch up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

Freestyle2I love watching the Men’s Pro Freestyle competition. Watching these athletes perform flips and tricks in the ‘whitewater playhole’ never ceases to amaze me. The picture above is a few of them just playing, after the competition.

Freestyle1I scored a spot along the river – where I got to watch the athletes do their prep/psyche-up thing before jumping in for a minute of intense performance. Serious stuff, and I’m sure they’re still having fun!

Hooligan1The ‘Hooligan Race’ is definitely a hoot. It’s not really a race but more – as the announcers heckled – of ‘a parade of idiots’ on floats made out of anything that will float – except an actual boat. Besides watching the hooligans there is always shenanigans on the side lines…and the local announcers make you feel like you’re at a comedy show.


I listened to live music in the park three nights in a row…and even did some dancing! And Tim & I snuck in a few mountain bike rides, too.


And I even talked him into riding the ferris wheel with me…it was quite the romantic sunset adventure.

FerrisWheelViewRIt felt good to stay off the think train (and the computer) over the weekend. Now that it’s Monday, though, I’m back on it. But after the FUN weekend I can see things with a bit more clarity.

Some times you just gotta take a break for fun. It helps, I promise!

What do you do when you need a FUN break? Does it help you gain perspective and clarity?

Lisa – aka the mountain mermaid


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