Inspiration from Portlandia

I have just returned from Portland, and the World Domination Summit.

I landed in Portland with an open mind and an open heart,
and I left feeling all at once
    ….exhilarated and exhausted
    ….courageous and vulnerable
    ….inspired and overwhelmed

The themes of the summit – community, service and adventure – definitely resonated throughout: I felt a collective energy of support and love from all the amazing souls (about 3000) that gathered there.


Closing party in Pioneer Square, and the henna tattoo I just got there!

And I met but a handful, really.

My hope is to discover possibilities from the new friends I made & the collective energy I experienced, and to use the exhilaration, courage and inspiration I collected as I move forward on my journey.

I want to share some of this with you, that I captured in my journal via sketchnoting (inspired by Michael Rohde’s book The Sketchnote Handbook).


This is my intro page.
Click here to view my flickr set of all my sketchnotes.

If I carry on with nothing else, it will be to continue my ongoing journey of self-knowledge, a theme that seemed to rise to the top from the speakers; and to live this one life I’ve been given in the most remarkable way that I can.


She made it home.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on living a remarkable life.

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid


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One response to “Inspiration from Portlandia

  1. Cyndi Hart

    Thank you for sharing your notes from WDS. I’m wondering if you were included in breaking a world record! I love the picture here with you and your mermaid. You rock! Would have loved to have been a part of this powerful event. Maybe next year ~ you never know. Welcome home.

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