Enjoy Ordinary Moments because Time Flies


A friend was browsing through one of my journals the other day, and said “I love this!” when she came across this page.

I’ve been thinking about time quite a bit this week so it feels appropriate to share this again. I’ve been thinking about time in terms of happiness…which is what Gretchen Rubin spoke about at WDS. I mostly think of being happy in terms of when I am content and joy-full.

Some times I feel guilty about what I think I should be doing, or feel bad about what I haven’t accomplished, rather than enjoying myself in a moment that should happy.

Life is too short for this – and it’s important to enjoy as many moments as possible, especially the ordinary ones. These moments are what make up your life.

This past week, since I returned from Portland, has gone by so quickly and I feel fortunate to have experienced many happy ordinary moments (and more than a few where I felt grumpy and out of sorts). Here are just a few of the moments I enjoyed:

  • time with friends at a cafe by the river
  • plunging into the chilly & refreshing river on a hot afternoon
  • sitting by the river with a girlfriend just to chat and catch up
  • pedaling my bike on the rural roads in my valley
  • watching the hummingbirds and the sky, from our deck, as the day ends – with my hubby.

And its funny, when I remembered to be in the moment those grumpy moments became OK, too. They are part of what happens in life, and I find if I can realize that in the moment I can usually figure out why and move through them more quickly.

What are some of the ordinary moments in life that make you happy?

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy some ordinary happy moments this week…because time passes too quickly not to.

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid


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One response to “Enjoy Ordinary Moments because Time Flies

  1. debs

    Moments I enjoy: rain in the afternoon, so rare,in Colorado but so needed, bike ride with a view of the mountains and awesome people in my life, thanks Lisa for this thoughtful posting!

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