Stop, Watch & Listen to Enjoy Garden Gems


Looking down from our deck I am delighted by our wild garden courtyard. The sunflowers have loved the recent rains, and now tower over my head and pop with bright yellow.  Pockets of other flowers and colors hide in between.

It is a joy to experience the life that hums through it.

You can’t see it in the image above, but one of the garden Rufous hummingbirds is keeping watch on the feeder. There are several Rufous & Broadtail hummingbirds that have quite the rivalry going in our little corner of wildness.


They chase each other around the garden, seemingly trying to make sure they are king over the feeders; they hide amongst the sunflowers and in the neighbors’ trees. I can often here their buzz, and sometimes feel it if they get close, before I see them.

Sometimes a rest is in order – of course while keeping watch – on the veggie garden fence.


Our veggie garden is also flourishing. Kale, snap peas and even carrots are the current prolific favorites. And there are lots of cucumbers and tomatoes on the vine – soon to be ready for our eating pleasure.VeggieGarden

Back to the hummingbirds: It seems they, too, need to eat some times. I would sure be hungry if I buzzed around chasing my comrades (or rivals as it appears they are) constantly, as they do.


There are also many bees buzzing about the garden, and the other day I caught a beautiful swallowtail butterfly at the hummingbird feeder.


I’m amazed that I captured a few decent images of the fast moving hummingbirds and other life that teams through our gardens. These images offer but a small glimpse of the great summertime entertainment our wild backyard gardens provide me and my hubby.

We love to stop, watch and listen whenever we can.

There always seems to be a hum of activity. Even at the quietest moment we find hidden little gems when we stop to look closely.

Have you found any summer time gems in your yard this summer, or as you go about your day? Take a few moments to stop, watch and listen and I bet you’ll find some.

Enjoy the rest of your summer…the last month of it starts in just a few short days.

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid



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2 responses to “Stop, Watch & Listen to Enjoy Garden Gems

  1. Debs

    I love your garden pictures!

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