Why is self-trust so hard?


Trust is my word for 2013, and it is funny how I have come across so many lessons on trust this year.

About a week ago I went to the Denver screening of Indie Kindred and Jen Lee, the filmmaker, told a powerful story about trusting herself .

And just the other day Jolie Guillebeau, who was featured in that inspiring film about Indie; Kindred; and Collaboration, posted a painting called Trust Yourself. I could so relate to what she said, and Goethe’s words (she quoted) about trust.

All of this inspired the journal page above, and some renewed thinking about where I am with this concept of self-trust.

It is so important to trust yourself – to really believe in you. It makes life so sweet, and yet it can be so hard.

For me the self-trust thing seems to be hard-earned: a concept I need to learn over and over again.

I know that I am a good person, that I make good decisions, and that life is basically awesome – and yet doubt still creeps in regularly, I have to remind myself that I can trust.

Knowing that others struggle with this is a bit of a comfort, I must admit. And I still wonder why it is so hard and what might make it easier.

Is this a concept that is easy for you, or like me, is trust a concept you must learn over and over?

Wishing you lots of love and self-trust!

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid

P.S. If this is a concept you struggle with you may like this post – which includes a fun ‘color-it-yourself’ download of the word trust.


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