The Elusive Sturgeon Moon

Last night as I drifted to sleep to the sound of rain drumming on our roof, I reflected on the full moon and what my intuition is telling me about my dreams (which was the prompt over at Jamie Ridler Studios this month).

I have seen very little of the moon as she waxed into full in recent days. She would pop out for a moment or two only to disappear behind the clouds that have been moving through our skies lately.

The sound of the rain put a small smile on my lips as I drifted off – I am so happy for the moisture our valley has experienced this summer. And I also thought of the folks in El Paso County (Colorado), especially Manitou Springs – who, after the drought and fires, have been experiencing too much rain along with flash floods and mud slides. My heart goes out to them.

I have been thinking a lot about Jamie’s prompt: What is my intuition telling me about my dreams?


My dream board ending up becoming the cover of a cheap Staples notebook I bought recently for writing, writing, writing. I believe one thing my intuition is telling me is that I have some reflecting to do…and that is why my dream board intuitively landed on my new note book.

I had fun creating this over several evenings. Cutting images and playing with layout while in Gandalf (our new camper van) on Monday night, glueing the base image the next night and then finishing the collage pieces the next day.

This morning, a beautiful damp morning with low clouds hanging in the valley, I got to see the waning moon in the western sky before she set for the day. I thought about my process and what that may be telling me about my dreams.


Is the process I use telling me something?

I never seem to sit down and create a dream board in the same way. Some times they are in my journal, sometimes they are on separate boards, and some times (well this time) they become my journal cover.

I look forward to exploring these thoughts as the sturgeon moon wanes and we move into the next moon cycle.

What is your intuition telling you about your dreams?

Lisa – aka the mountain mermaid

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One response to “The Elusive Sturgeon Moon

  1. souljourneys

    weve had lots of clear spring nights here and I saw the moon very clearly in the sky last night – it was magnificent! it was also rather huge!
    may all of your moon wishes come true for you! Love the way youve made that the cover for your lovely writing book!

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