Nine is my favorite number because…

Recent Selfie

Recent Selfie

If you’re reading this post on the day I publish it, it is

9 * 9

It also happens to be my birthday. I think the date of my birthday is why  nine my favorite number.


On 9*9*99, which is when we were just beginning to plan the around the world in 365 adventure I’ve been sharing this year, I had some time on my hands.

I had just finished a for 4 1/2 year gig as the production director at Inside Communications Publishing – it was time to leave. My hubby of just over two years and I decided now was the time to plan this round the world travel adventure we dreamed about, and I had to bide my time until spring because he had a commitment with his job until then.

I believe, on the day of my birthday, I rode my road bike up Left Hand Canyon. Tim was probably working, and I’m sure we did something fun for dinner, too.

Although the day itself was relatively quiet, the date felt significant. I was 39 years old, I was planning a trip around the world, and it felt like the perfect age not to get any older:)

I could share more about this time, and the years in between for that matter, but that would make for a really long post so I’ll leave you with this for now.

And…14 years later.

My body is not exactly 39 anymore, but life. is. good.

I live in the cool little mountain valley town of Salida, Colorado.


I can play (bike, hike, ski and more) right out my back door.
We really moved here for the beauty and access to the outdoor play. Upon settling in we discovered we received the added bonus of an amazing community of people where I feel more at home than just about anywhere I’ve ever lived.

I have a beautiful studio space (that my hubby built and where we share space) – with views out to the Sawatch Range. My VA biz, that I started about two years ago, is moving forward. I officially feel like an entrepreneur, which has been another dream.


I am trusting my creating, including sharing stories here at the mountain mermaid.

I love being part of Jamie Ridler Studio’s creative online community (you can join her studio, too), and the many amazing friendships I’ve developed online.

Looking back, I realize the amazing life I’ve created for myself (even though every minute of every day is not pretty or perfect). And there is still much awesomeness, in this adventure called life, ahead.

This year, as I was reflecting, an intention popped into my head. One that feels right and doable, and one I’m going to attempt. I suppose saying this here is a declaration of sorts.

I plan to send a made by me card for every year I’ve been around. I love to receive fun mail. It makes my day – makes me know that someone is thinking about me – and I hope my cards will do the same for each recipient.

That is basically one per week – ok 53 if you don’t want to do the math – which should be doable, and which I want to make happen. What a great excuse to create, too. I may make a series of cards so I don’t make one card each week…but each card I send will have a handwritten note and be sealed with my love.

You can find a few snippets I’ve written about about fun mail here.

I already have my first card ready to send. I made three of these cards, and two have been given to friends (hand-delivered), and this one will be whisking its way to Montana to wish a friend and VA colleague (and her fiancé) best wishes for their marriage.


Time to sign-off and go address the card.

Happy 9*9 to you. It is a special day – even if I do say so myself!

Lisa, aka the mountain mermaid



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4 responses to “Nine is my favorite number because…

  1. 9*9 is as special as 7*11! 😉 Have a beautiful, wonderful celebration, Lisa. I absolutely celebrate the day you were born! ♥

  2. Pia

    Happy birthday! 🙂 Mine’s 7-7, but I confess I do not remember what I did in 1977. 😉

  3. Cyndi Hart

    I saw your name in my mailbox this morning. . . . . . . .and I smiled. Wishing you sweet and peaceful feelings for your birthday and all year too! I love that we connected in person this summer and shared time on the water together. Until we meet again ~~~Paddle~~~Drift~~~Repeat~~~

  4. I’ve had the best 9-9 day ever! You must’ve sent some fabUlous b’day vibes my way. Didya know if you do the numbers thing on 9.9, add them together and get 18…and add them together and get 9. See. Special. Just. Like. You. Vuuuuuuugs O, Creative One! ♥

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