What do you Value?


Recently I joined a lovely community for introvert entrepreneurs called Progress Lounge. Upon joining our fearless introvert leader, Cigdem Kobu, sent me a lovely little e-book with some different exercises to do. One of them was about values.

The following weekend I attended our local Women’s Health Day event. They also had a break out session on values.

Working with values is not new to me, and I love how it was brought to my attention, ahem – twice in one week, that it was time to pay attention once again.

From these exercises I created a small values mandala (image above) in my journal. I know it is recommended that you sift your core values down to just a few, and I find this part difficult.

For now I’m going to gaze upon my mandala and reflect on the words I’ve used to create it. I think I will be working with these values, during this autumn season, as I evaluate my year that is coming to a close and I contemplate the year ahead.

What do you value? Please do share – I always love to hear from you.





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2 responses to “What do you Value?

  1. Hi, Lisa,
    I love that you’ve put your values into a mandala. What a powerful and beautiful way to connect to them…
    And, lIke you, I also struggled to boil it down to just a few. I think I will try the mandala as way to pull them together, and as a way to create a holistic container for the values that hold meaning for me.
    Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  2. Your mandala is inspiring me to do the same. Me too – I couldn’t choose just a few….but have many values that I hope to embody. What a beautiful way to meditate and contemplate upon them!!!

I always love to hear from you!

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