Fun & Simple Ways to Use the 2014 Daily Musings Journal – We Begin Monday


The evolution of Daily Musings Journals

I made the 2014 Daily Musings Journal to share with all of you (pssst – it’s the one on the far right in the image above), and I’ll be honest – when I try to figure out the best way to share tips for using it, I get a little stuck.

I love my pages – and they are raw & messy; they are personal; they are inconsistent, from week to week and month to month. Sharing them feels very vulnerable.


First week spread (2010) – drawn with pencil

Yet this is the beautiful process that has brought me to today, and a calendar and journal in one – that is ready to share with you.

I have never started the year with a whole journal ready for me to begin.


Week Spread, a little later in 2010


We will be on this journey of exploration and self discovery together.


I’m betting it will be still be raw & messy; it will still be personal; and it will probably be inconsistent from week to week and month to month.

And that is all OK. That is part of the exploration and discovery process, and the creativity of the moment (the fun), too.

If I do say so myself, I love how the squares for each day provide a mini frame to work within, and that there is the possibility to color outside the lines, too!

The possibilities are endless, and all of next week I’ll share fun and simple ideas you can try in your journaling practice.

And beginning Monday you’ll also be able to purchase the 2014 Daily Musings Journal – so you can muse on your days just the way feels right to you.

I hope you will join me next week, and maybe you’ll be intrigued enough to go on this year of exploration and self-discovery yourself. Enjoy your weekend in the meantime!





P.S. If you join my email list to receive updates you’ll receive a fun downloadable musings playsheet. You can start musing this weekend. And if you join today (that’s Friday) you’ll have one last opportunity to purchase the 2014 Daily Musings Journal at the Early Bird savings – the reminder email with the link is going out tomorrow morning.


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