Fit Simple Sketches & Doodles into Your Journaling with the 2014 Daily Musings Journal

10-29-EBlaunch-day <Here are the simple sketches I added to my musings on the day I launched the Daily Musings Journal for subscribers. Can you tell I was excited to put my new creation out into the world?

Two regulars also make an appearance on that day – a bicycle and a stick figure in downward dog.



FibarkDay16June On the right you’ll notice another bicycle (see I told you it was a regular), and also some musical notes, a cell phone, and a tiger.

All my simplistic, quick renditions add a playful dimension to the reminder of this fun June day!





Shakespeare-FullMoon Another fun June day with, you guessed it, another bicycle – and also the memory for a beautiful full moon rise.

You can see I’ve used a bit of the writing techniques I mentioned yesterday, and also added a border around my muffins’ text at the top.

Muffins make a regular appearance in my musings – because the ones I bake my husband and me are a regular breakfast staple.

It is all messy & raw, but each are playful reminders of my days.

Below is a little bit cleaner rendition of a few of the simple sketches that make an appearance in my daily musings. I don’t feel like I am proficient at drawing  (I’ve even written about how this is a goal of mine) so I keep it simple, honest.


Mike Rohde’s Sketchnote Handbook is a great resource for simple sketches, as well as lettering and border ideas.

I hope this inspires your daily musings, and I hope you’ll check out my 2014 Daily Musings Journal if you’re looking for a new place to add those musings.

Enjoy musing!




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