Bring Color to Your Week with the 2014 Daily Musings Journal

As I was evolving the design of the Daily Musings Journal, for quite a while I would stamp each week – creating my journal month by month. It was fun to have the color built into the page.


There were a few drawbacks to this process. For one, the stamping process, as you might imagine, was quite time consuming. And after awhile the process was not fun, and I often fell behind.

Color on every page would have made the book prohibitively expensive to produce (to share with you), and if you’ve been following along for a bit you probably gather that I love to create pieces that allow you to embellish on your own. You can find a few downloadables ready for color here, here, and here.

Thus, the design of the Daily Musing Journal evolved to allow you to add your own splashes of color. The possibilities, again, are really endless.


Above I added color to the boxes and the month & year lettering, as well as stamped the hearts to create a ‘love’ theme for Valentine’s day.

I often use stamps to create a theme for my month. Many of my stamps are hand carved, as the hearts and tulips in the two photos in this post.


It’s also fun to create your musings with color – in this case I used colored pencils.

The writing implements I have used to add color include Staedtler triplus fineliner (colors) (used for the February spread above) and Prismacolor colored pencils. Both have worked well for me, and the markers do not seem to bleed through – which is important to me. I also use  Copic multiliners (black) for writing my daily musings – along with regular old #2 pencils. These have also worked well for me.

Cautionary note: The pages of the 2014 Daily Musings Journal are not immune to bleed through, so Sharpies are not recommended.  You may want to devote one of the extra musings pages to ‘testing’ your writing implements – if you have concern about bleed through.

Have fun playing with color as you muse!





P.S. Oh yeah – if you think you might want one (of my 2014 Daily Musings Journals, that is), click here! Thanks for stopping by.

P.S.S. An easy way to start adding color to your journaling is to join my email list – you’ll receive a free download of a fun to color-in Musings Playsheet.


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