Create Symbols to Track Practices with the 2014 Daily Musings Journal


Some times you want (or need) to keep track of practices you have, or would like to incorporate into, your life – like what you eat, how you feel, your movement practice, or any creative practice.

As a mountain gal, I often hear about how many ski days this or that person in my life get in during a ski season. It’s like bragging rights when you live in the mountains. Although I’ve never been one of those 100 day gals (I have too many other things I love to do, too), I do like to track my days.

I actually like to track all of my active – my ski days, my bicycle rides, my hikes, my yoga practice…

It’s not really for any kind of training purposes – it is just fun for me to look back and reflect,
“Wow, I was on the mountain 25 days this season.”
And know that my ski pass was more than worth the investment.

Or “Wow, I got to pedal on some awesome trails this summer.”

I have a great little symbol for my bicycling. It is always easy for me to spot this activity on the week spread. But I’ve got no consistent symbol for marking my ski days.


Notice how raw & messy (and still beautiful to me) the snippets from my days, just above, are. I do not spend tons of time on each entry (I would never keep up the practice if I did:), and each does not have to be perfect to be fun to look back on. I’ve had such a great time looking back on my year as I create these posts – I’ve found I love my pages, and the realization of the practice I’ve created for myself.
[confession – the image at the top of the post was created for especially for this post, to look a little less raw & messy]

How about you? Is there anything you’d like to track in your life? Do you have something that symbolizes this for you?




An easy one to start with may be a simple gold star. It’s so helpful to track our wins, and something that is easy to pass over. I know I’m guilty of not acknowledging my wins. I think I’ll just pop back to my initial launch day and add a gold start right now.





I look forward to creating a few new symbols for the coming.

And I hope you join me by creating a few symbols for yourself.

They don’t need to be literal – or make sense to anyone but you. Just be sure to make them easy to spot. You could even create a little key on one of the musings pages.

Hmmm…I think I might have to try that this coming year, too.

It’s going to be a whole new journey for me this year – beginning with a journal that is completely ready for me. And it’s exciting to know that some of you may be joining me to create a daily musings practice of your own.

If you want to join in with a 2014 Daily Musings Journal, click here to learn more.

Happy musing!




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One response to “Create Symbols to Track Practices with the 2014 Daily Musings Journal

  1. Cyndi Hart

    I was inspired by your suggestion to create symbols ~ my Daily Musings legend! So excited to start. Thank you MM!!!

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