Photos Essay: Playing with fall’s light & shadows


On Saturday afternoon my hubby and I took advantage of the warm November sun, and took a jaunt in Castle Gardens.

Castle Gardens is a bit of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) property, not far from home, that is rather otherworldly and beckons to be explored. (I’ve written about it before, here.)

I took that exploration a bit further this time, playing with the images I captured in photoshop. Talk about otherworldly, this little creative exploration I embarked on really accentuates this.




T&L-shadows_webThe natural beauty in my backyard, and the creative play it provides, never ceases to amaze me!

What creative play will you find this week?





P.S. Do you want to add creative flair to your journaling practice? You might like my 2014 Daily Musings Journal! Head on over here to take a look and read the story behind it.


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