Board Book Painted Backgrounds


I have been painting backgrounds since the beginning of the month. I’d love to say I’ve painted 14 (one for each day of the month) – for art every day month, but I started a few before the first, and I’ve missed a few days. As much as I’m inspired by the thought of every day challenges, I am just not disciplined in a way that works for them.


The texture was done using a mesh bag that once held lemons. The circles are from a stamp I carved.

But I sure have been having fun playing with, mostly, acrylic craft paints.

This painting process started as my I am I am I am book – the project for an e-course hosted by my dear friend Julie Gibbons.

As it turns out the board book I bought has way to many pages for the I am I am I am book project – and the thought of using it for that project overwhelmed me. Julie encouraged me to just start painting backgrounds to get me started. And now I’ve been painting one spread nearly every day for the past few weeks –FUN, FUN.


I created the om symbol and spiral, in the above spread, using acrylic ink. I find if I leave the ink I’ve dropped on the page in its pattern for a few minutes, it seems to create some sort of resist when I begin spread it across the page. I’m sure that must be some mixed media technique, and I just stumbled upon it.

I was sharing my pages with Julie the other day, lamenting that I did not have a style – and she disagreed. I’m still not sure what my style is, other than eclectic, but I’ll take the fun I’ve discovered in the process!


I only have a few spreads left (there are 19 total and I’ve painted 16 to date)…and I’m not sure what is next for the life of this book.

I do want to get cracking on my I am I am I am book though, and I’m thinking my background painting has been a good warm-up.


Are you participating in an everyday challenge this month? November seems to be a month for it. And I’m glad because, even if I’m not officially participating, these challenges are pushing me to create a bit more than I might otherwise.

Happy Creating!





DMJ-inHandP.S. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my 2014 Daily Musings Journal – for anyone new or for those who haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. It’s my new baby, and I’m quite proud. Click here to learn more!


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