Hot Water Soothes the Muscles & the Soul


And I have to say – there is nothing more soothing and refreshing than soaking in natural hot water in outdoor pools.

Last weekend I went on a little road trip to Steamboat Springs – to visit my sister and stay after with my hubby (he had meetings in Steamboat).


On Sunday afternoon, after a new snowfall, we headed to Strawberry Park Hot Springs. I had not been there in a number of years, and the pools were still as I remembered – beautiful, especially just after a new snowfall, and soothing.


I love the entrance truck – where you have to hand over your $10 bucks (such a deal, really:) before gaining access to the healing waters.


And the tepee…one of the shelters for changing your clothes


And the views in general…

Strawberry Park Hot Springs is a very special place to experience mother nature’s hot water.

I hope you can make the opportunity to soothe your muscles & your soul in some healing hot water soon! And if you ever get the opportunity to check out Strawberry Park Hot Springs, I highly recommend it!





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2 responses to “Hot Water Soothes the Muscles & the Soul

  1. Cyndi Hart

    We are so blessed to have so many options in Colorado! I was soaking Tuesday at Dakota Hot Springs (between Pueblo & Canon City). Not as beautiful as Strawberry, but it’s nice to be spontaneous ~ as I can be there in 20 minutes! A great treat mid week when it’s not so busy. Grateful!

  2. Sandie

    I missed this entry so nice to see the springs in the Boat again. I lived here my first winter after college, we skied up the road late at night and soaked til the wee hours. There was no fee and actually very few clothes! tee hee

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