One snowy day…I had to decide

…whether to go for a walk or go to the ski area.


The snow had been falling continuously since the day before – and the ski area was opening (several days early).
I felt a frenzy – to be there, to ski powder. And I felt a pull in my heart to take a walk in my snowy back yard.


I decided to take a walk.


It was so white & black. The still silence was palpable.


I saw no one, not one human footprint, while I tromped through the stark & beautiful landscape.

And I savored the small details that captured my attention.

SnowyDay3 SnowyDay5 SnowyDay7


MeSnowyDayIt feels kind-of foolish, but some times I find it difficult to decide – especially between two different play options. I can agonize over which option to pick – even when it really isn’t important.

And as soon as I started down the silent untracked path that snowy morning, I knew my decision to take a walk had been the right one.

The ski area would still be there. There would be more powder.

But the beauty & solitude I experienced on my walk that day was a rare treat.

I had a great day on the slopes the very next day
…and the season has still barely begun.

How do you decide when there really isn’t a wrong option, and you want to partake of both?

I’d love to hear from you.



P.S. There is still time to join the small band of intrepid mermaids who have signed up for another part of this mermaid journey – mountain mermaid tales (read more here, and sign-up here.) Sign-up by December 6 and be entered in the 2014 Daily Musings Journal giveaway. I hope to see you there.


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