What’s your version of Gone Skiin’?


You know the one I’m talking about don’t you? That thing you love to do, and some times, you need to do it – even when your mind is telling you there are other things that you should be doing. It’s when those shoulds come out that I know it’s time for my version of gone skiin’ – which happens to be skiing during this fine December in the Colorado Rocky mountains.

Today is my fourth blog-aversary, and I thought about creating a bit of a celebration. I love my blog, but this weekend when winter wonderland was calling, it was my should. And I let it go to take advantage of some beautiful early season snow.

It’s been an awesome start to the season (after a few meager early seasons) and being in a magical winder wonderland – as I hiked through the snow laden trees, made turns through glorious powder, and felt snow crystals glistening upon me – let all the shoulds drop away.

I could say it was all about the (snow) conditions – which of course I can’t predict and I must take advantage of – and there is more to it than that.
I should be more organized about my blogging.
I should be able to fit in both.
After the shoulds the who do you think you are, why do you even do this gremlin also gets her turn to tap me on the shoulder.

I was feeling the need to not boot up my computer this weekend (it’s been a busy fall for me with the introduction of my 2014 Daily Musings Journal and mountain mermaid tales), and besides this post would not have evolved in this way unless I chucked the shoulds and spent the weekend in winter wonderland. I’m still learning to trust this.

And I still want to celebrate four years of blogging (the mountain mermaid was born on 12/9/2009). It’s a big wow to have been here for the past four years and I look forward to the years ahead.  To celebrate I’m offering my 2014 Daily Musings Journal for the early bird rate of $25 (+ shipping) for the next 48 hours – so until 12/11 at midnight MST. You can learn more here!

And if my journal is not for you – don’t feel any shoulds pressure at all! You may still enjoy my posts about creating a daily journaling practice though – click here!

I hope you take some time to chuck your shoulds this month and enjoy your version of gone skiin’. I’d love to hear what that is!





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2 responses to “What’s your version of Gone Skiin’?

  1. Congrats on 4 years my friend!

  2. Happy Blog-aversary, Lisa! xo

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