EnJOY each magical moment


I have fun creating our annual card each year – it usually happens some where between the beginning of December and the end of January. This year I have cards mailing out today – yay! And I also thought it would be fun to share a digital version with you, here. You may even recognize a few of these photos if you’ve been hanging around for a while:) And if you subscribe to mountain mermaid tails you may recognize the joy circles, too.

I’ve been on a (sort-of planned, sort-of spontaneous) break, which includes the hiatus from my online musing space. And I’ve been on this sort-of break since the Solstice – which was two weeks ago already (wow that time went fast, and I’m not really feeling the light seeping back into the days yet).

I say sort-of because I did plan (with my clients) to take time off from retainer client work during the week of Christmas, and the rest was sprouted in my brain, not at all formally organized.


View from Jackal Hut

My break began with a beautiful Solstice yoga practice on Solstice evening, followed by a back country skiing hut trip for three days.

Christmas and the rest of that week were low key – with lots of hikes and a little skiing, fun with friends, resting (I was a little under the weather for a few of the days), watching movies (including The Hobbit), creating our annual card, a bit of de-cluttering and organizing (I hope it’s just a start:), and a bit of creating and inner-exploration.


the Salida hut crew

Just before break I did my most bold sharing ever – introducing the 2014 Daily Musings Journal and Mountain Mermaid Tales. It was a wonderful experience, and it took a lot of energy. I found out I was a bit zapped.

I felt creatively stuck during most of the break. Still I created. Using projects that had some structure –like Jamie’s vision card process, and our annual holiday card (whose inspiration had come to me weeks before so it was more about executing it).


My Vision Cards

Both projects also gave me pause for self-reflection/inner-exploring.

I also got a word goddess reading and began to get to know my 2014 goddess guide Nu Kua; journaled about my word of the year; wrote in Susannah Conway’s Unravelling 2014; began root 30-day journal project; and answered questions for my season of coaching with Jamie Ridler.

As the new year begins I feel a new chapter of my journey beginning to unfold. I’m excited to see how all my explorations evolve, and will share more about each of them in later posts. You know I’ll also share some of my fun outdoor play, along with a few more episodes in around the world in 365, too.

Christmas Day Hike

Christmas Day Hike

I hope you’ll join me as I share all these creative adventures, and more, in 2014. I know it is going to a wild and exciting ride – life is a creative adventure after all:)

I always love to hear from you – I hope you’ll share your creative adventures, too, because sharing helps bring those creative adventures to life – I promise!




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  1. I’ve enjoyed and been inspired by your ‘mermaid tales.’ So glad that we were able to connect live in 2013 and share an adventure! Hoping for another inspired, creative and adventurous year. Peace!

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