Gandalf’s Curtains


Long ago and far away (or so it seems) I became the curtain seamstress for Gandalf’s curtains. Gandalf, you may know, is our camper van. You can see Gandalf and read about our first big adventure here and here.

So really – this long ago was just this past this autumn…and I did buy the fabric some time in October. I even pulled out the sewing machine and stitched up some other material – just to test it – around that time.

But that was as far as I got then, and yesterday I picked up the project again.


I pulled out the fabric (above), re-measured it, finalized the actual size of the curtains with Tim, sketched simple patterns and figured out that I really don’t have enough fabric for all six curtains.

I’m going to work on the two sets of side windows (which I have plenty of fabric for), and hope that I become proficient enough to make the back window curtains as some sort of patchwork curtains with the left over fabric.

{I don’t really sew, or at least not regularly. I volunteered for the curtain job because I thought, “I’ve sewn before,  I can do this.” I was actually a pretty good seamstress in high school. But now I only sew infrequently, very infrequently in fact, and I am not really friends with our sewing machine.}

I’m excited by the progress I made on this project again, and I have no idea how these will come out or when they might get done. The goal is by the end of February when Tim & I plan to take a winter ski road trip.

Do you have any creative projects like this, ones that feel like they’re pushing your comfort zone, but you know you can do (and want to do)? They’re hard, but are usually some of the most satisfying.

I’ll keep you posted on mine.





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4 responses to “Gandalf’s Curtains

  1. I am really enjoying my Musings Journal, Lisa. It is part of my creative practice ~ I use it just like you suggested with a sketch, doodle or zentangle as a reminder for the day. Looking forward to seeing the end results of Gandalf’s window treatments! ;-D

  2. Robin NeJame

    I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. juliegibbons

    Good luck with the patchwork! I’ve been crocheting squares on and off for a blanket I began in 2010/2011 🙂 Perhaps this will be the year I finally complete it…

  4. Fred Davis

    I finally printed out the “joy” coloring sheet. It is very beautiful. Amelia and Stephanie are here and I printed one out for each of us. We will color tomorrow. Yeah Gandolf’s curtains.

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