Touring Australia’s East Coast (circa 2001)


near the Sydney Opera House, towards the end of our Australia visit

We arrived in Cairns on Boxing Day (December 26, 2000) and spent about a month touring the east coast of this beautiful country.


First up was ringing in 2001 on a dive boat off the coast!



Jungle Tour



Sail we did, on Freight Train a 65 foot ‘pocket-maxi’, in the Whitsunday Islands…well I laid about – lazy & luxurious – whilst the crew hoisted sails and ran about.


Margaritas with friends we met during our time in Nepal (Mark & Valmai, center). We spent a few days with them at their lovely home in Noosa – picnicking, swimming and relaxing.


While there we also took a day tour to Fraser Island, which included a long cruise along “Rainbow Beach” in a Landcruiser.


I don’t have an exact recollection of this moment, but I think it was at Byron Bay. I just love that Tim captured me having fun making a sand drip castle!


We finished our tour of the east coast of Australia in and around Sydney. I loved that city, and one of the highlights was the festivities on Australia Day (including the boat parade above).

I hope you’re enjoying our ’round the world adventure as much as I’m enjoying reconnecting with the memories. On to New Zealand shortly…




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