Full of ideas and letting go…


Isn’t that the way with us creatives? I know my mind is always full of ideas, and I’ll bet yours is, too.

And if you’re like me at all – sometimes it feels like a struggle to find the path forward.

I closed 2013 with all kinds of thoughts and visions that I want to bring to life. I journaled with Susannah Conway’s Unravelling 2014 ebook, I created beautiful vision boards (guided by Jamie Ridler’s ecourse) that I have hung just to the left of my computer monitor so I can glance at them at any time, and I was excited about my ‘word’ for the year – lush; and the phrase that came from this – lush practice.

And once the new year began life did not flow quite as I was envisioning. My knee began to bother me more when I was skiing – and I feel tentative to ski as I would like to. I had a health crisis that sent me to the ER. And when a terrible cold descended on me last Sunday night, just after I arrived for a little getaway I had been looking forward to, I almost had to laugh.

Some times the universe has other plans for us…and you just have to let go.

These past weeks have been a good reminder of this. I surrender to my physical body.

And I am finding joy in the self-care required to (hopefully) get my healthy self back.

I am beginning to feel better all the way around, and as I do I can feel those ideas starting to knit together in my mind again. I plan to be in letting go mode at least for a bit longer though, as I still have a ways to go with my healing processes.

It is OK to be with what you need in the moment, even if what you wanted may have been a little different.

I’m optimistic that this letting go will help my ideas manifest just the way they are intended to. Letting go is part of the moving forward.

Do you allow yourself to surrender when you’re struggling to find a path forward, or something else steps to the front of the line and requires your attention? I’d love to hear about how you work with your ideas, and when you know it is time to let go.



P.S. I attributed this quote to unknown, although I do believe it is from Annie Dillard. I had copied it from some where into my quotes doc, but then could not find the quote anywhere in an online search. If anyone knows anything about the origin of this quote, I’d love to hear from you so I can provide proper attribution. Thank you.


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