Perfect Trees – are they really?


Photo courtesy of Mark Weidman –

Perfect is such a subjective word. It is something that we creatives want to achieve and might be better off to let go of – if we’re going to create anything.

I love how this day in the back country – in an area known by locals as Perfect Trees – really made me think about the meaning of this concept.

As we (my hubby, two friends & me) made our way across the open face before reaching Perfect Trees we were all commenting on how it felt like an ice skating rink, and maybe that rumor of rain the night before (at 12,000 feet in February – really?) was true. I was feeling a bit tentative about my knee that I’ve been working to strengthen and not feeling in great form.

When we reached the top of Perfect Trees and began to ‘de-skin’ for our descent (photo at top), we found the snow had a paper thin layer of ice on top of it. But it felt skiable, and we had to go down somehow to get out. The support from the group and the jovial conversation sent my tentative feelings to the back seat.


We had a fantastic day, and afterward my journal gave me the opportunity to reflect on the perfect and imperfect.
It was not ego snow = perfect skiing conditions, but…

BranchesDetailPerfect Trees were perfect that day because I was outside, and I was happy to be pushing my muscles and my lungs.
Perfect Trees were perfect that day because I was in the company of good friends.
Perfect Trees were perfect that day because the snow laden trees were beautiful to behold.
Perfect Trees were perfect that day because my body let me hike and ski for three runs in those imperfect conditions.
Perfect Trees were perfect that day because mother nature created each tree and provided the bounty of snow for us to play in.

TreesDetailWhat makes something perfect for you? Can you shift your perspective to make something that may have imperfect aspects perfect?

I know the aha I had from skiing in Perfect Trees that day has given me some things to think about when it comes to perfect.

How can I use this perspective shift in all areas of my life? I’m not quite sure yet – but I’ll keep you posted.

And I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Feel free to share them in the comments.



Top photo was taken just before our first descent by friend and photographer extraordinaire, Mark Weidman. You can find more of his work at



February 19, 2014 · 14:17

4 responses to “Perfect Trees – are they really?

  1. Oh, Lisa. I love this post! The journal page is beautiful, but the sentiment is even better. Yes, indeed– what does it mean for something to be perfect??? I think of the things in my life that are “perfect” and know that they are also deliciously flawed, and it is the imperfection that often makes them so absolutely perfect. Is there a message there for us to take into ourselves?

    • Thank you for stopping by Stacey! So glad you can relate to how imperfection is really absolutely perfect. I love how that day really hit me over the head with that feeling!

  2. Perfect. Perfect reflection. Perfect reminder to take what we’re given, and journal for joy. My day is complete now. You’re a swee reminder of all that’s good (and perfect) in my life. Thank you, Lisa.

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